Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Trip with The Cousins. .

We were hoping for a slower week, since the fair was over. .but little luck there!!
It was a busy work week for me. .I was ready for Cami and I's little makeover by our favorite hair stylist Thursday after clinic. .and from there. .we went right on to Wichita to meet up with the cousins for an overnight stay at a pool-boasting hotel. .and then a day trip to Exploration Place!! Emma and Keith had never been to the children's museum since moving to Kansas over a year ago. So we thought it was time they checked it out!! 
Double bonus was that Aunt Lisa is a Star Wars fan. .and that just happened to be the traveling exhibit! There's lots of hands-on activities for the kids. .and crafty puzzle solving adults. .one of which I am NOT. .but my SIL is!! I think she could possibly still be dreaming of the solution to this puzzle that she never could quite figure! 
They tried out the tornado tube. .in which the wind speed is around 85 mph. . 
. .practiced driving airplanes and combines. .
. .played in a two story castle. .
. .turned toads into Knights in Shining Armour. . 
. .saw famous Kansas landmarks in a miniature setting. .complete with a train that circled the towns, lights and glowing campfires, a moving carnival, and kids swinging in their trees. . 
. .observed science in motion (a pendulum). .
. .and did a little role playing!
They met R2D2 and CP3O. .
real costumes from the real movie!!
Interestingly, there were little earpieces at each costume/prop station. .for persons to be able to have the history spoken to them. .
. .but pretty much, 
she just used them to have conversations with her make believe friends. .
and ordered some lunch. .
and broke up with her boyfriend!
You know. .
just a normal day!
The strangest little dude she saw all day!! It was a great trip. .
nice cool temperatures inside. .
as the temperatures continued to soar outside!! 
Peace Out. .
and have a GREAT week!!


  1. I love the miniature "town" with the train. I always thought it would be neat to have a whole room devoted to something like that. Traverse City, 40 NW of us, has a HUGE train display every year. I love it.
    Looks like the kids are having a blast.

  2. I have NEVER been there. Looks like fun! So sorry Cami broke up with her boyfriend..again. ;)

  3. BTW--I forgot to tell you a pretty cute Cami story. The other day, right before you came, Tristen at the TV on Dirty Jobs, and they were at a diary farm. It was showing the birth of a calf, and she asked if all baby cows came like that. Yes, I said. "Well, its a good thing *I* didn't come like that. I come fromed God."

  4. Cami cracks me up. I loved Becky's story above, too!! Looks like a good time.


  5. Fun times. That is a cool place. I wonder how long the Star Wars Exhibit is up. WH would get a kick out of that!

  6. What a great day out. And I have to admit to being a bit of a Star Wars fan myself.....but don't tell anyone!

  7. I love the picture in the Tornado Tube...looks like a fun day!

  8. Looks like you all had a fun time. Also looks like a creative way to stay out of the heat! Ha ha!