Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Shoot it Again!!!

Our heat wave has been broken!! Sunday we had a smidge of rain in the night, and much cooler temperatures throughout the day. It was one of the rare days that found all of us at home. One of Devin's 4-H projects is rocketry. .and he had been working on his rockets last week, which became the inspiration of our Sunday evening activity.
The rocket must be fired at least once before it is eligible to enter into the county fair. There was barely a breath of wind Sunday evening. .so we decided to launch it. .in the event that it blew up. .or was not able to be recovered. .which has, indeed happened before. The thought process was that, if he became rocket-less after the launch we would still have time to get another rocket put together before the fair starts next week.
A perfect launch ensued. .which then included hopping the fence. .
and searching the mowed pasture for the tiny little rocket.
Score. .finally!!
His first comment after recovery was. .
Let's shoot it again!!
So we did!!
After recovering the unharmed rocket twice. .we decided we would be pressing our luck to launch it a third time. .so we started in on other rockets! It's so fun once you get started, that you will want to make sure you have extra engines, so you can launch it several times!! This one was not eligible for the fair because he didn't have to paint it. .just put it together. But, I brought it home for him anyway because it had two foam gliders that break off the rocket at the peak of it's launch and they glide down to the ground separately. .FUN to watch!
This was my shot of the night!! No tricks. .just good timing!! The only one of the night. .several pics had the rocket nearly out of the picture. .and some with the rocket completely gone and just the puff of smoke left. Interestingly, Devin was the only one watching the rocket launch. .but once the zzzzzzzziiiiiiiiippppp noise from the take off sounds. .everyone's eyes head heavenward to locate the rocket as it starts it's descent back to us.
The cool, breathless evening was perfect for play. .you can just see the rocket and parachute down the lane as Devin and Tristan race to see who is going to catch it. The little white objuect in front of Cami is one of the gliders that she spotted and was retrieving!
We get our rockets at Hobby Lobby. .often we can find them for 30% off on sale there. .and if we can't. .we have been known to send each person through the line with a rocket or motors and a 40% off coupon that you can print right off their website to save some money!!
They make GREAT Christmas gifts. .since we are less than 6 months away :-)
And. .there is usually a lot of bang for the buck!!
No pun intended!!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Rockets are so much fun! I can't believe how awesome that photo is that you got of the rocket just taking off!!! What a great shot! That is so cool! We are completely surrounded by very tall trees all around our property and we have lost every single rocket we have set off here!! Stinks! We have so much room here, yet not enough room for rockets. LOL!

  2. Wow, you did catch a picture of that one rocket really well!

  3. That really was a great photo. Looks like fun and how awesome to have a good day for it in July!

  4. Great shot!!!! Rockets are so much fun! I think Jacob really missed not doing rocketry this year..not that he would have gotten it done, or did so without griping the entire time