Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff. .

I think that I mentioned last week, that it certainly is hard to keep in mind that it is STILL May around here!! In the nearly 18 years that I have lived around here, I don't ever recall a wheat harvest starting this early!! The kids finished school Wednesday. .and wheat harvest started on Thursday the 24th.
Grant and Tristan are both driving a combine for Papa this year. .
the days are L-O-N-G. .but they are both really liking it!
By Thursday night, we were all out in the fields watching and taking rides. Cami was really impressed at how big everything was. .For those of you that have never seen a wheat field unless it was on the road NEXT to the field in your car. .Here is where your bread starts!
Those sharp little blades go back and forth, cutting the wheat off near the ground. .
and they are swept up into the combine with the blades going around and around in the header.
Cami and I rode with Uncle Joe. .Tristan is driving the machine to the left and Grant the closest one on the right.
I don't know what the enticement is here. .
but this is their favorite part of harvest. .
the part they can't WAIT to do!!
. .eating the wheat and making a "gum" out of it. .
I remember doing the same thing as a little girl too. .
so I guess part of that magic lies in being small!!
Unloading the grain is a DIRTY job. .especially when the wind is blowing 40 mph, as it has here for nearly a week!! No fabulous wheat photos because of that!
Then it's back to going round and 'round the field some more!! Tristan left yesterday to go help my family on their farm for the third year. It was difficult enough for me last week. .knowing how my dad would have been busting at the seams to get started with the highlight of the year for every farmer. .I'm not sure how my family is handling it. .living this harvest with his memory in their shadows. .instead of his person at the head of the party. .but I am praying them strength and peace!!
After the wheat grains are separated from the chaff (the leftover wheat stems and junk pieces). .the straw particles blow out the back end of the combine
Really DIRTY!!
Watching this reminds me of a verse from the book of Matthew. In chapter 3 we're told about John the Baptist's preaching to the people. He advised them that every tree (us) that doesn't produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire (hell). He then goes on to liken what will happen in the harvest of souls on that last day. .to a grain harvest. 
Matthew 4:11b-12 
"He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. He is ready to separate the chaff from the grain with his winnowing fork. Then he will clean up the threshing area, storing the grain in his barn but burning the chaff with never ending fire."
So many people think that the bible is so hard to read and understand. .
But much of it is so easy to picture. .
This verse may not be so easy to comprehend. .if you don't have any farm experience. .
But let me just tell ya. .
You DON'T want to be the chaff!!
If you, as a tree. .
can't look at your life and see any good fruit produced. .
BY you. .
FOR God. .
You may want to reevaluate your stance. .
and make some changes!!
Do it today. .
For it is the ONLY day we are sure about!!
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  1. Love the view from within the combine. I grew up in farm country, and though I still live in the country , it's different being surrounded by Christmas tree plantations. I miss the wide open spaces--though ours was corn and soybeans, not wheat.
    Have a great week, Melanie!

  2. Isn't Kansas wonderful..at times. ;)
    I used to eat the wheat too, but my favorite part was when they would stick me in the back on the truck and let me "play" in the grain. My boys..they eat it too. Funny how they know just what to do.
    Thinking about you and your family this harvest. I may not say it out loud to you, but your in my thoughts a lot!

  3. I'm with ya. Just thinking about harvest without Dad has been hard on me, too. I can only imagine how it has been on those back home. I'm sure he is watching over them.


  4. Ok, I didn't know you had a wheat field...well that is just awesome! How did I not know you were farmers?? I'm sorry...silly me! LOL! Anyhow, I'll bet your boys just love driving those big machines!! My sons would love it! I am sorry to read about the first harvest happening without your dad on his farm...that is definitely hard! I will pray for things to go well and everyone helping will have strength to get through it. I'm so sorry.
    So, are those the wheat berries that your kids are chewing on? That's what is ground into flour, right?? I think that's neat how you did the same thing when you were a child. I just love that stuff! I feel the same way when my kids do things that I did as a child!

  5. When did you boys get big enough to drive the combines? Right before our eyes.....! Love the pictures.... love the scripture and how you brought it home. love you!!

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  7. Melanie, Really great photos! I'm with Bonnie, I didn't realize you all worked a farm. I can understand how difficult this particular harvest must be. You are in my prayers. :)

  8. I love harvest time, and really enjoyed this post. Mom used to talk about doing that thing about chewing a handful of wheat into "gum" when she was a kid. :) Have a safe and blessed harvest time for all your families!

  9. I hope all the grain is in the bin now. Seems like mother nature wanted to harvest some fields around us with hail recently! Hate when that happens. Another dirty moment (and hot) is unloading a truck in the elevator. It was worth it for the candy from the scale operator though as a kid!