Monday, May 7, 2012

Check, Please

17 1/2 years ago, 3 months after we got married. .
We decided to go to a Halloween Dance in the town where my husband grew up. .which later became my home as well.
I was attending my last year of nursing school in Hays. .
And they had a seasonal Halloween store. .a great place to get our costumes.
I found the coolest "old people" masks. .(cool only cause we were like 22!!) and then headed to the local thrift store to shop for "old people" clothing!!
Unbelievably, I found this GREAT old baby blue polyester suit and pants for less than $20. .complete with an old man tie.
More unbelievable than THAT. .
was the fact that, measuring in at 6'3" tall, and 190 pounds back then. .
Jeremy fit into that old suit like it was made for him!!
He had a great time wearing it. .and no one recognized him. .
I found out later that no one would have EVER expected HIM to dress up and attend a party like that!!
We had a great time. .and after the party, I packed up the first things to go in a "just in case you ever need it" box. Had anyone ever told me just HOW much use we would get out of those outfits, I would have laughed out loud!!

The suit is now nearly a joke around our house!!
I used it one year to be a Whoopie Goldberg-like DIVA for the Halloween party. .
It's been to church youth group functions and used in a church Christmas play. .
And most recently. .used by my oldest in their One-Act forensic play. .
"Check Please"
This past weekend found Devin, Cami and I on our way home to spend a short time with my mom.
The forensics play had qualified for the State Competition. .which just happened to take place in a city about an hour from Mom's house.
A cute, CUTE play depicting a girl (Cassidy. .cute redhead in the turquoise skirt on the front right) and a guy (Tristan) as they went through multiple BAD experience blind dates, before finally agreeing to hook up for ice cream as the curtains closed.
The kids did a TREMENDOUS job. .and their coach certainly helped them to enhance their natural abilities!! They got a 1 rating. .which is the best score they could get!
Mom and I enjoyed a quiet trip and dinner, while Cami and Dev ran miles with the cousins!
The rest of the weekend was a blur!!
Quick shopping on the way home (we found a couple new koi for the fish pond!!), school carnival, birthday party supper, junior high youth group late night party, cleaning, sleep, practice for church music special, Sunday school, church, performance of music special (which ended with a cracked voice as I fought back tears. .if you have never heard the song Blessings sang by Laura Story. .pull it up on youtube RIGHT NOW!), gardening in the wind, fixing supper for a friend who had her hip replaced, grocery shopping, supper with my own family (who were sitting at the table, as I walked in, with their forks in hand and a pot of meat. .the taco shells were in the bag with me :-), and finally, youth group with high school group last night. .unfortunately and without warning. .the older kids (whom this study is for) didn't show. .so the other leaders and I went over youth group details for the upcoming year. .I am nervously, but anxiously moving from the junior high youth group to the high school youth group. .and hope and pray that we can effectively teach God's word to the group of kids that will be coming. The more I work with kids. .adolescents and young adults. .it is more apparent to me just how dark our world is becoming. .and how much more difficult they are to reach. .both for generalized good moral standards. .as well as for finding that desire to serve Jesus with their WHOLE hearts!! If  you are a Christian. .please say an extra prayer for anyone you know who is trying to win kids for Christ!!
With little hope of life slowing down in the weeks to come. .
all I can do is. .
look UP. .
remind myself that one day. .
 all too fast. .
 this craziness will come to a stop. .
Happy Monday to all my blogland buddies!!

 Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.


  1. Lots on my heart today, and this song brought tears. Thank you for posting it.
    I know SOMEDAY I will miss this, but it sure doesn't make things easier. KEEP SMILING!!

  2. Wow. Somehow, I picture you all wound up like those tops you pull the string on and spinning from one thing to another in there. Hope you get to rest sometime.
    Too funny about the suit. Those polyester things do not die! Congrats to Tristan on the 1 rating. Yea!!!
    I soaked everything in the garden Friday and barely peeked at it today. Didn't see any casualties but it was toooo windy to take any photos.
    Remember to breath! :-)

  3. That's a great song! One that makes me cry just hearing it...can't imagine trying to sing it. I have been thinking a lot lately about how fast my kids are growing up and how much it seems like I am missing!!

  4. Melanie, it is so awesome to see people like you who have a heart for kids––and not just your own, but the kids of the world. I want to send you this link to the website my husband has developed for Christian teens and those who work with teens: His hope is that it will help kids make good decisions about entertainment. There's also a great section on careers to help young people decide "what they want to be when they grow up." Hope you don't mind me using your comments section for this little "commercial!" Always love your blog!