Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cami and the Cat

Cami had a little cat. .
little cat. .
little cat. .
Cami had a little cat (three, actually). .
it's fur was white as snow. .
And everywhere that Cami went. .
Cami went. .
Cami went. .
Everywhere that Cami went. .
The cat was SURE to go!!
It followed her to play one day. .
play one day. .
play one day. .
It followed her to play one day (Devin too!)
Which bent mama kitty's rule!
But Cami didn't care!!
Neither did the kitty!!
Yes, she IS at the top of the slipper slide!!
Even the old guy loves them!!
They are growing like weeds. .
 like everything else in this home!!
Yes. .the cat IS in the house. .
I just wanted to brighten your day!!
Bet you're smiling now!!

Genesis 1:24-25
Then God said, “Let the earth produce every sort of animal, each producing offspring of the same kind—livestock, small animals that scurry along the ground, and wild animals.” And that is what happened. God made all sorts of wild animals, livestock, and small animals, each able to produce offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good.


  1. Love this little kitty post, kitty post, kitty post

    Love this little kitty post
    And it's Cami star!

  2. Smiling? You bet!
    How sweet!
    Thanks for a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!

  3. Those kittys are adorable!!


  4. How very cute!! Those are some adorable little kittens..and little girl! ;)

  5. Looks like Cami is very happy to have her kittens! You will have to tell her that Uncle Nick's new baby horse came today. The kids are excited for her to see it when she is here next week! See you soon!


  6. Soooo cute! Cami and the kitties. They are so adorable.

  7. Too cute! Loved the rhyme! :)