Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Couldn't Resist!

I took these photos a couple weeks ago. .and I just couldn't resist showing them to you!
I had worked out one morning, and finished with a few minutes to spare before I needed to get the kids up for school. Enjoying the brisk morning, I decided to give the fish in the pond some breakfast before rousing the bunch. I had to laugh as I turned around to see this. .
One kitty walking out from the waterfall to see what I was doing. .with a second one crawling out of the birdhouse which is sitting in the flower bed near the house. He stretched and blinked in the bright sun. .and the third kitty made his exit too. .
The next morning, armed with my camera. .I took a few photos of the little monkeys again. This one grew tired of me and decided it was too cool for him anyway. .
He nearly didn't make it back into the house. .but it was too cute to watch!!
I'm guessing the fat little toads wouldn't fit this week. .cause they have been trying out new sleeping arrangements in various spots!! 
Enjoy the kick off to summer!


  1. Very cute. And all I ever get is the toads........


  2. That's so cute!!! (Just hope they don't get stuck as they get bigger.)

  3. *squeal* They are TOO cute!!!

  4. How great that you got photos! That is too cute.

  5. Ha ha! too funny. Hope your having a great weekend!

  6. Kittens are so cute...then they grow up! :) My kids rescued a kitten from the dogs a couple of weeks ago and we have been watching it grow and grow. She has adapted rather quickly to being a "pet" but she doesn't have as cute a home as your kitty!

  7. I'm sorry, this is just HILARIOUS! LOL! Too cute!