Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a Done Deal

Well. .this morning it is official. .
We now have TWO high school kids at our house!!
We enjoyed a BBQ Sunday evening to celebrate Grant's graduation from 8th grade. He had a few buddies stay afterward for the night. .and they got up and rode the bus to the junior high for the last time yesterday.
The principal made and served them breakfast. .then they practiced their walks. .and were done by 10:30. Cami and I showed up to help decorate the gym a bit for the ceremony. .you can see we were joined by lots of other excited 8th grade moms.
After we were finished. .we picked up Grant to run errands. .First on his list was getting his grad gift. .a cell phone (yes, we are the mean parents that don't think our kids need cell phones until they start driving). He was texting everyone he knew as soon as it hit his sweaty little palm. .Next he took some money he had already gotten for graduation and opened a checking account at our bank. He and Tristan are LOTS different in their attitude of money. .he priced cool checks and generic checks, and then decided that the extra $9 wasn't too much in the long term scheme of things. .so he got motorcycle checks with foiled printing. (Tristan would have just bought the ones he wanted to start with)
The ceremony was at 7:00 last evening. .and the temperatures were warmish. .mid 80's already. Grant thought he was going to DIE!!
The kids cleaned up well. .and despite the ridiculously HIGH heels, there were no accidents or injuries from kids tripping on the stairs or the stage!
This 4 year old was not interested in a nap, since her "far away" Grandma was present. .she thought, to play with her!! So this is how she spent her time during the graduation ceremony in the sweltering gym!!
. . .dressing up Barbie girls on mom's ipod. And then she fell asleep on my lap just as the kids were getting up to get their diplomas!
I still don't know what was so funny. .
But dad was excited for the boy that is most like him!!
And, he was too cool to take nice shot with his mama. .so a little force was exerted. .and we got one!
These three kids shared cribs together just about!! Kayla and Grant are about a month apart in age. .and they used to go to daycare at Michael's house (Mike is a couple months older). They have always acted like siblings!! Once Grant informed Kayla's mom that they were going to get married. .She told him that they were too young. .to which he confidently replied. ."We're almost 8!" Anyone who knows Grant, knows that he doesn't often lack confidence in anything. Kayla's mom then reminded Grant that they were both "barely 7!!" It's the minor details!
He and Michael share a lot of the same interests. .and have always been great buddies. .Grant has even been adopted. .and ADOPTED. .Michael's "Papa Mike" for his own Papa! The diplomas were all signed!!
So. .after the dance, he camped out in his friend Jacob's yard last night. .
and I suppose that as SOON as he hits the door tonight. .
The LOOMING question of. .
"WHEN do I get to go take my driving test"
will be a daily battle at our house!!
The summer will fly. .
as it always does. .
and his high school career will begin before we know it!


  1. Wish we could have been there. You must be getting old since you have 2 high school kids in your house. :)


  2. They grow so fast-don't they? Won't be long until they are leaving for college. And then----grandkids! Oh my!!
    Well, you have a wonderful family-glad it all went well.
    Congrats to the "graduate"--and look out High School!

  3. Looks like a great celebration of this milestone. Too funny about him texting everyone right away.
    You look awesome in the photo. He's just a little squished. Ha!

  4. I didn't even SEE Jacob's photo collage. I'm hoping its still at school and that Tristen will grab it for me.
    Can you believe they are high schoolers?? I enjoyed having those boys over, even if the pretend rain made them invade the house. They are a group of really good kids!

  5. The years fly quickly! My 2 are now turning 31 and 33....

  6. Congrats Grant! You look pretty handsome in that suit! Mel still can't believe both boys are in high school. I still remember them as cute, sweet little babies. Make me feel old too. Love ya guys. See you soon!


  7. Wow - where does time go? It doesn't seem like he should be going into high school already. What a handsome young fellow. Congratulations Grant!! Hope to see you all soon.


  8. Grant is a great kid! He was so much fun at school and I really will miss him as he goes to high school. Congrats Grant :)