Monday, April 2, 2012

The Weekend Events. .Short Version

It has just been almost too much to believe that the winter weather may be gone for good!! We spent the weekend at my mom's and enjoyed the beautiful weather ALL weekend long!!
We started with a picnic in the park on Friday. At that point, I just had Devin and Cami with me. .and cousin Taryn joined us after preschool for a romp around! The rest of our crew and my sister and her youngest. .were headed our way later that day for the weekend.
We found Teegan waiting on us when we got back to Grandma's after lunch. .he was ready to play too! And play they did. .those kids ran a hundred miles throughout the weekend. .chasing, eluding, observing, and exploring!
They rode scooters. .colored pictures. .filled buckets with rocks. .
. .and just hung out, enjoying each other's company. It was definitely more fun than a few weeks ago when they were together. I actually don't recall a time recently, when they have had SO much time to play together without other things going on. .and they took full advantage of that. .even having a slumber party at Taryn's house. .though Kadon and Devin opted out!!
My mom has found herself a new companion. .meet Chrissy. .the "titty tat," as Ryder called her. ."Tum here Titty!" Chrissy was not much into hanging around where the noisy crowd was. .though, giving her full credit, by Sunday. .she wasn't running as fast. .or as far. .when she saw/heard them coming! Hopefully, she will prove to be a lot of company for mom!
Saturday found most of us headed to Wichita to watch Grant's drum line perform in a contest held by the Wichita Wild. .an indoor football league.
Ryder was in toddler heaven with his hot dog and pop!!
And Aunt Tina was the only one to spill her pop :-) . .mostly because the guy didn't get the lid on good!
We were decked out with green beads. .and glow stick bracelets. .and candy. .
. .and, as if it couldn't get ANY better. .then they brought out POMPOMS! Whoo Hoo!! The girls had been dancing to the music. .and movin' with the dance team, so pompoms were just the icing on their cake!
We watched a little football. .
watched some cheerleaders. .
. .and watched each other. .until the drum line came in!
Grant and Taylon started out the routines in the two big barrels in the back. .which were moved in on dollies. .
The crowds cheered as they erupted out of the barrels after the other drummers had already started the routine. The other drum lines actually play on DRUMS! Our guys use the unconventional!
The judges stand center field with decibel sound readers after both teams perform. .And the winners are chosen by audience cheering! Solomen High School made a great performance. .with some of their kids even playing percussion while lying on their backs. .BUT!!
The wolves pulled a victory. .and will play again May 19th in the semi-finals!

They were PUMPED up!! In a conversation with the security guard as I re-entered the arena after getting some equipment loaded. .he reported 3000 fans at the first game. .and near the 5000 person arena capacity for the 2nd home game this season. .but Saturday night there was only around 1000 people present. .his theory was the KU game during the Final Four basketball competition that same night.
The kids enjoyed the game. .and Tina's kids were reportedly drumming on her pots and pans with spoons and forks all afternoon on Sunday!! After the game, we enjoyed ice cream at Spangles, in memory of Papa's birthday that day. .He LOVED his ice cream. .diabetes and all!!
Sunday found the kids and I at Stone Creek nursery in Andover. .picking out some vegetation to plant in the Memory garden! They quickly became disgruntled at how long it was taking. .and it was nearly 90 degrees. .so I finished in peace as Tristan took them to the car to watch their movie! I got some great shrubs and plants. .and a stone cross. .and Jeremy helped me plant them when we got home last night. .Can't wait to show them off to you!!
We survived several "firsts" this past weekend. .my "first" weekend visit home since dad died. .our "first" family crisis regarding the rental house that my folks' owned. .the new hired man needed to move in Saturday. .but the house was discovered to be in major need of some cleaning. .and remodeling of some badly damaged areas. .(we have really never had any crisis's before this. .because my dad just always handled things. .so now there is a new pecking order. .and the process of getting our problem solving techniques developed. .and that IS a process!) and Dad's "first" birthday that was celebrated without HIM!
It was stressful. .even traumatic at times. .
We laughed. .we cried. .
we ate together. .and worked together. .
and we loved each other. .even when it was difficult!!
Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as our healing slowly comes. .
and we find our NEW normal!!
What a blessed week this is. .
the countdown to celebrate the Risen Savior and Lord. .Jesus Christ!!
Be mindful. .and be saved!!


  1. I think your blog nicely summed up the weekend! Kadon was ready to go back to Grandma Vickie's shortly after we got home yesterday. I am glad to see that they play May 19th, so I believe we will plan on all coming this time.


  2. I heard great things about the drumline and I am hoping we will be able to come to their next performance. I sure do love those boys...they keep it interesting at school! Those weekends are rough and can be so comforting at the same time; just being with family. Hugs to you as you continue to find "normal" again!

  3. Awww.I love your moms new kitty! She's pretty!
    It sounds like your memorial garden is going to be beautiful!

  4. It sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend overall! So sorry that I didn't get back in touch with you before you came this way - it was a hectic week for me, having just gotten home from an 11 day trip to Florida - but I'm still looking forward to sharing some of the Maximilian sunflower bonus you've offered to share with me!

  5. Hello. I made it back. Internet working like a charm today.
    That first photo of the stream with the rocks is very pretty. Is that at your family's ranch? The new kitty is very pretty too. Already grown, did you mom adopt it from someone? I love that the drum line uses their own created drums. Sounds like they were a crowd pleaser. You certainly had a big weekend and it sounds like you had some treasured moments in there. Children finding ways to interact and entertain themselves when given time are so fun to watch. You got some cute photos. Can't wait to see what you got for the memory garden. Glad you planted them right away so they can settle in with the rain. Blessings for the garden and for you!

  6. Congrats to the drumline boys on their success! :) Great job! I got to see it via YouTube. :)

  7. That drum line looks like fun! I bet the kids had fun. What would we do with out our kids. Have lots of fun or be really bored. Ha ha!
    Hang in there, things will get easier.