Friday, April 20, 2012

Par for the Course

So today was a new adventure for this mom!!
My first GOLF meet.  
Tristan has been out for golf. .mainly because it was a sport that he could participate in with his gimpy foot (which, by the way. .gets fixed next Friday)
It was a meet close to home. .so I left everyone at home and ran over to watch.
This photo depicts what I love the MOST about southwest Kansas. .
Look at the gorgeous sky. .full of marshmallow clouds. .and the wide open spaces. .
and I do mean WIDE OPEN!! And an added bonus. .all the green grass!!
The last time I was on a golf course was 20 years ago when I ran cross country in high school. I forgot how wide open and nature-y golf courses are.When I got to the meet, Tristan walked up to me like he didn't know me. .handed me this piece of paper. .and said "you can't talk to me." And walked off. I unfolded the paper. .it said Welcome Parents and Spectators. .Here are the rules of conduct.
Hmm. .it really did say that I couldn't talk to him. .and that I had to walk 30 yards behind the players. I was glad I hadn't brought Cami. 
I've never really watched golf on TV or in real life. .but when they miss a shot (I've seen it in the movies) and all the spectators go Awwww. .It's really just a natural phenomenon. .it just comes out of your mouth before you know it's out! Case in point. .I was watching this kid from another school hit the ball. .He whacked it with all his might.. and it promptly hit the tree to the side of him with a loud "thump" and bounced backwards. I said OH so loudly, he turned and looked at me. .to which I had to apologize. .it just slipped out before I could squeeze my lips together.  Maybe next time I can do better to stifle myself.
I also realized that there is a lot of skill involved to this game. This particular hole started out at the bottom of the hill. .And Tristan finally picked up his ball (which didn't clear the top and landed in an area that wasn't easy to get out of) and took a score of 10 hits. They also spent a lot of time hitting balls INTO the wind (it was pretty breezy today) which takes some of the distance out of their drives.  This was the best photo I had of Tristan hitting. .in which you could see his whole club. .instead of just part of it.
While he didn't place today. .he earned 5th place in a meet last week. .and really seems to like the sport. My sister and I always went golfing with my maternal grandparents in the summer when we were little. They thought that we had potential to be great golfers. .Neither of us went on to play in high school, or even as a hobby. .so I know they would have been super proud of Tristan's efforts. .and pleased that they passed down a love of the sport! 
Tomorrow is prom around here. .and we've worked on some of those gardening projects. .so check back soon so you can keep up!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Looks like it was a good day to be out on a golf course even with the wind. I didn't know there were spectator "rules." I can see why though.
    I knew a videographer once who loved golf. His dream job was to run a camera for professional golf tournaments. He got there.

  2. I agree-the wide open spaces and those fluffy clouds are gorgeous. Congrats to Tristen on placing. Always nice to pick up another sport!

  3. I don't understand golf, nor can I play it. I remember Dad was told to take up golf for relaxation and to help with stress. The one time I was with him he cussed really loud and threw the club and we went home. I'm thinking its probably NOT in MY blood! ;)
    I'm glad Tristan likes it! And hope that foot gets fixed up and better soon!

  4. Oh man...."you can't talk to me"...ouchey...poor Mom! LOL! Well, I can totally understand...can you just imagine how some parents would act if they didn't mention to them about proper golf etiquette...they would probably try to tell their kids all kinds of stuff! hahaha! I like your golf photos..totally unexpected. That's great that your son found another sport to play for the time being with his foot injury and surgery. I have never played golf...ever..only mini golf or putt putt. Some day I want to try.

  5. Wow. PROM. What the heck? ha ha Love the "you can't talk to me" rule. Bet he loved that. lol

  6. I finally sold my bag of tees this year that I had accumulated from our outings with Grandma and Grandpa. I think I still have the box of golf balls that we collected. Good times!