Monday, April 16, 2012

Highlights of the Weekend

Gardening seemed to be the theme of our weekend around here. 
The calm before the storm in our parts occurred on Friday. .when we were able to enjoy the most beautiful day we've seen in a long time!! Blessed sunlight on our backs. .enjoyable temperatures. .bits of yard work here and there. .outside playtime. .and nature highlights. .
Truth be known. .
I SHOULD have been working harder in the yard for a visitor I'll talk about later. .
But I just COULDN'T resist the temptation to stop. .and smell the roses!!
We were SOOOO thrilled to see the arrival of these two. .
They have been working very hard on the green house. That seems to be the favorite of the houses in the last two years. .and maybe they are the same two Eastern Bluebirds that stayed there last summer.
We hope they have neighbors that move in too. .Devin and I made and placed about 8 boxes last spring. More than anything though, we HOPE they raise some babies this summer. You may remember that a few months ago, Cami and I found 4 small bluebird eggs. .unhatched. .in that green house from last summer!!
Saturday morning found me up and at 'em early to hang out at the local Health Fair. .educating people on fat. .It was pretty hard to keep my mind on my job. .since after a year of corresponding by blogs and emails. .I was anticipating a visit from the Gardener on Sherlock Street that day for lunch.
Grant was INCREDULOUS that I had met someone on the Internet. .AND invited her for lunch!
W-H-A-T?? Stranger Danger was his phrase of the week!! And GonSS sweetly reminded us that if anyone should be nervous. .it should be them. .going straight up 2 against 6!
She arrived safely, driven by her wonderful husband. .and we enjoyed lunch, conversation, laughter. .and of COURSE. .a garden tour!! Unfortunately. .the weather was MUCH different Saturday than it had been Friday. .The skies were gray, and constantly changing with the cloud movement. It sprinkled. .and the wind blew like it can only blow in Kansas!! We shouted over it as we inspected plants, weeds, new plans, problem areas, ponds, kids, hubbies, and chickens. And we swapped a LOT of plants! We took a photo in the best place we could find. .on the north side of the house sitting on the raised bed constructed out of limestone. My husband was making fun of me because we were hiding the REALLY dead blue globe spruce with our bodies. .pretending that it wasn't there ;-)
But. .before we finished our lemonade. .the weather started making turns for the worse. .and after a phone call from my FIL telling us that a tornado had been spotted and we were in the direct path. .we continued our party in the basement watching Grant play video games!! Glad he had cleaned his room a few days prior!!
So, when the all clear came out. .the wind was GONE. .and we jumped to take a windless photo by the pond!! SCORE!
Thankfully, they were able to make the two hour trip home with no drama. .and even got 37 miles to the gallon with the strong tail wind they received!!
To check out GonSS , click here, and see what she is up to in her yard!! Tell her I sent ya!
The kids found a baby box turtle while exploring after the rains Saturday afternoon. .and I found a complete turtle habitat in an aquarium had been built by the time I got home Sunday evening!
Sunday found my friend Missy and I up early for a day trip we have been planning for 2 months! We were trying to keep it hush this time!! We planned on doing our annual antiquing day trip in February. .but canceled due to some health issues her MIL was dealing with. .Her MIL. .a good friend of mine too, died that next week. We left it as "For sure in March, we'll plan on it." BUT, Dad died the Friday before our planned Sunday trip. This time it was like "Here's the next date of the flea market. .maybe we'll try to go. .but don't say anything out loud!" We were both nervous the night before as the storms rolled through!!
Sunday morning, after little sleep, we crossed the county line and didn't look back!! We met my mom and aunt in Wichita at the flea market. .enjoyed shopping and then lunch. .and then to the Paramount in west Wichita. .a HUGE antique mall that took us 3 1/2 hours to get through. Both of us came out with some treasures. .and had a great day!! A few of my new treasures are starts to some little gardening related projects. .stay tuned!
The other Sunday highlight. .was meeting another Kansas garden blogger in the parking lot there to make a plant swap!! Gaia gardener was interested in the Maximillin sunflower that I was moving around. .and was willing to take any extra to a gardening program that she is involved in. .and I was more than thrilled to meet her!! In return for the Maximillin sunflower starts. .she brought me a coveted start of Wild Bergamont from her garden for my garden!
The age of technology is a phenomenal thing!! To be able to locate people with the same passion, passion, PASSION of gardening that I have. .and talk shop with someone who understands and commences. .and then meet them. .is a pretty cool deal!! And I look forward to meeting my new gardening friend Sue from Michigan sometime soon too!
Hope everyone is enjoying the signs of new life and spring in their own little parts of the world!


  1. Grants stranger danger comment made me cough on my water. hahahahaha
    Ohhh my!! Bluebirds!! I may need to come pull up a chair by your pond and see them in real life!! Beautiful!
    So glad you got to me GonSS! And glad Grant had cleaned his room! Scary weather this past weekend!

  2. So fun getting together Saturday no matter the weather. Grant was pretty gracious letting these strangers you invited into his room during the tornado warning. I think we're all good. Ha! I'm planning my plantings! I might need a plant ID on one or two. I forgot which was which. So glad all your other plans worked out Sunday too. It is amazing finding new friends who enjoy the same activities online AND getting together. Here's to gardens and friends!

  3. Sounds like some wonderful times. And that antique mall sounds marvelous--I'll add that to my list.

    Funny how we warn kids not to talk to strangers, but gardeners, well-that's another story-LOL!

  4. The baby box turtle is incredible! I've only seen one other, and it was not as small and new as the one your kids found.

    I'm glad that you took some time out on Friday to actually enjoy your garden! Gardeners too often never quit working to actually smell those roses they plant.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new garden projects. It's always fun to see what folks do with the treasures they find at Paramount!

  5. I love your bluebirds! So glad you got to meet some blogging friends, that is so cool! And I'm thankful that the nasty storm passed over you. I was a mess that night, glued to FB making sure everyone was ok!

  6. How fun that you got to meet GonSS! It's so nice getting to put a face to a name and a blog. I've been lucky enough to meet a few garden bloggers too.
    The Bluebirds are so pretty! I hope all the houses are full of babies soon!