Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Succulent Garden Project

With all the activities around our house. .there hasn't been much time for gardening, let alone blogging.
I mentioned last week, that Missy and I found some fun things on our antiquing trip. .and I was finally able to work on my project late last week.
One of the vendors at the flea market was selling little succulent plants. .all different kinds. Some were really unusual. .to us anyway.
Succulents..for you non-gardening folk. .
are plants that are easily sustained with little water. .
They also love heat. .
Think Desert Plants
The guy had his succulents all fixed up in different antique vessels. .creating small and interesting tabletop gardens. As our inner wheels started turning. .Miss and I started selecting the ones we liked.
On my list for the day, was to find two small succulents to put in the terra cotta pots with wire cages that you see above. But. .with all the choices. .I COULDN'T stop at JUST two plants!! When I got home that night, I looked around and found that I had THREE antique angel food cake pans. .one from my grandma. .one from J's grandma. .and one that came in a box of stuff I won at an auction. .
Perfect vessel for a tabletop succulent garden!
Watch and see!!
Thursday night was the first chance available to work some creativity.
I put a little cypress mulch at the bottom of all of the containers. .to take up space and create some drainage area.
Then I arranged my new jewels on top of the mulch. .changing their placement around the pan until I was satisfied. Finally. .I added pea gravel around the little plants. .not adding any more soil. .just rock.
Of course, I ended up with a few more plants than I could fit in my containers. .so I scavenged for a few more. The above succulent was too big for my tube pan. .but it looks really cool in this little white gravy bowl in my kitchen window. And the 4 year old plants he had for sale looked REALLY cool. .like little trees!! My plant is 2 years old.
The wire planter turned out good too!! I moved my shamrock out of the north kitchen window and put this there. You might notice (I didn't until the other day) that the back plant in the left pot has a bud on the top of it. I think it is some type of living stone. .like the ones I planted outside. It will have a peach bloom on it very soon. .like in the next couple days!
Finally. .My favorite arrangement. .
was the one in the tube pan!!
Aren't they the coolest little guys EVER??
Now, once a week, I'll give the plants each a little drink. .and they should just do great!!
Plants weren't the only things I came away with. .
I found this adorable little red kitchen cart at the antique mall to bring home. .and it turns out. .it was JUST the place for my little succulent gardens!
Now is a great time to try making one for yourself. .
All the nurseries and plant sellers have different and cool succulents ready to go at this time of the year.
Let your imagination run
and enjoy
Have a great week!
Be blessed. .
and stop back


  1. So cute and cool! I wondered what you guys had found at Paramount.... I'll be looking forward to seeing a photo of the bloom when it opens.

  2. Very nice. I like all your containers and plants. I picked up a little succulent today at my favorite green house. I would have never thought about using a cake pan. I have some old colanders that might work if one lets them drip dry a bit and sits them on a plate or something. The red cart looks great with your display!

  3. They are indeed jewel like aren't they? I've always loved succulents since I was a kid, and I love what you have done by using old pots and the like...very effective. Take care

  4. Cute little cart!!! And I love the cake pan idea! Would have never thought of that. =)

  5. Well! I am just loving this idea! The tube pan is fantastic!! I absolutely love it! Now you've got me thinking!! Hmmmm! I just me be looking at some succulents this weekend!! If I make something I will let you know! I probably will! And I will probably be stopping at the thrift store to find some kind of awesome kitchen-y type of planter...a tea pot..anything...ok, now I am getting excited!!! Thanks for posting this! I am ready to do this!

  6. Love these! I used to enjoy having jade plants.