Monday, April 23, 2012

Our First Prom!

Last week was the first week of CRAZY busi-ness of the end of year school activities around this place!! 
Grant's end of the year music program at school Tuesday night. .
End of the year picnic for Devin and Cami's AWANA club on Wednesday night. .
Grant's track meet on Thursday evening. .
Tristan's golf meet on Friday. .
And the big PROM Saturday night.  
The freshman class were servers at the Moonlight Barn Dance themed prom.
I got a phone call at lunch time Saturday asking if I would be around that evening. .
Without thinking. .
I said yes (just joking. .I would have said yes even if I HAD been thinking)
And found myself taking the place of a sick mom who was supposed to help at the dinner.
My job. .I thought. .
was to show up, hang out, 
motivate the freshmen to do their work, 
and scrape a few dishes! Easy peasy.
The other mom and I ran crazy trying to keep drink pitchers full, find all the odds and ends that the upperclassmen thought they needed (salt shakers, straws, sugar packets and so on). Scraping plates proved to be a task to see how well we could work under the pressure of a line of kids handing us stacks of nasty plates to scrape and stack. .I felt like the old Lucille Ball episode where she was sorting chocolates on the conveyor belt. .and just started popping them into her mouth because it was faster than putting them in the boxes!! I don't do nasty very well on my hands!! I joked that I have a potentially "dirty" day job. .but at least I get gloves there!!
So, since I had to be there anyway. .I grabbed my camera and got a few behind the scenes shots. .This was the freshman class, except for one girl. .after they were done serving. They were pretty anxious to get out of there so they could get their finery on for the big dance. 
Tristan went to Grandma Pat's to get ready. She knew a lot more about tuxes than I did. .though I probably would have figured it out sooner or later. .Tristan advised me to watch closely, so I would know how to do it next time. .Stabbed in the heart!! 
His friend Colton took his things and dressed there too. .so I did get to practice what I learned about tuxes. .I worked on Colton, while Grandma made Tristan over. 
And, there you have 'em. .Fancied up and ready to meet their girls!! 
Laura and Tristan were a thing in the 7th grade for a LOOOOONG time. .and have been best buddies since then. .We were glad that they went together. And they had a good time!
Laura asked Tristan NOT to cut his hair until after prom. .which is about to kill his parents!! Yikes. .Thankfully, one of the gifts he won at the afterprom party was a FREE haircut. .Woo Hoo!! 
Laura and her dad were in a roll-over accident last summer. .and her dad. .a good friend of Jeremy's was killed on impact. Jeremy has always had a soft spot for Laura. .so when Cami and Dev both declined a picture with the pretty girl. .Jeremy was off the couch like a lightening bolt (well. .close) to get his picture taken. .Sniff!! 
Sounds like they had a great time at the dance and after prom party. .
And AFTER the after-prom party. .6 of them came out to our house to watch a movie. .instead of sleep. .I know!! RIDICULOUS!! But it is what it is!! They ate some MORE. .but then they were quiet. .and I was thankful. .cause I was so excited for them to come home. .that I couldn't sleep either!! Jeremy, Devin and Cami slept in his enclosed racing trailer so they wouldn't have to listen to their giggles in the night!!
When I surfaced Sunday morning, Colton and Coby had already gone home. .Tristan was sacked out on the floor. .and the girls were all snuggled into the couches!! What I hadn't bargained for though, was the fact that Cami. .having went to bed on time. .would be up and ready for the girls to play with her. .so keeping her and Devin quiet for 2 hours was a TASK!

Next year Tristan's class will be in charge of the after-prom party. .
I'm not sure I will be ready for that!!
Another busy week around here with lots of event going on. .
BUT. .I got lots of gardening done today. .and a little bit over the weekend. .so I am pretty excited to show you what's happening!!
Check back by soon!
Have a GREAT week!


  1. Geez. I'm not ready for prom, or all the other "stuff" that comes with it!!
    Tristan looked handsome!!
    I bounced over to check out that other picture of the rose. Sure looks like the same kind of rose!!

  2. Ah, brings back memories! Mine are long gone and well launched on their own now, though. Enjoy the hubbub while you've got them home!

  3. Wow, Tristan cleans up pretty good!! :) Glad he had a good time.


  4. Love the photo of Cami and the kitten. Too cute.
    What a weekend you had with all the prom activities. Sounds like a lot of great kids had a lot of fun. I'll bet you were TIRED Sunday. I'll bet grandma felt pretty special getting that handsome young man ready for his date. Sweet photo of Jeremy and Laura. I can so see Cami up early to play on Sunday when everyone is still out. Looks like the new couches were used well.

  5. Ok...that is an awesome theme for a prom and I love how the servers are dressed in the white T's and jeans...awesome..and the pictures of them on the old truck are absolutely great!! Your son looks so very handsome!!! I am so sad to read about the young lady losing her father in the car accident...oh my, how devastating! I also want to tell you that picture of Cami and the kitten is to die for! That is soooo adorable..that could win a contest for cuteness!