Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Fine Fall Weekend

So, last week I finally broke down and purchased a dry erase white board to hang on the side of my fridge, that everyone can see when they come in the door. It seems that we are going in so many directions now, that I needed it to keep MY sanity! This weekend was no different!!!
Everyone went in different directions. .and it was sure fun to hear stories and check out cameras Sunday night!! All three of the boys took their cameras along to their events and took photos, and not because their mom made them. 
Jeremy, Grant, and Devin took off late Friday afternoon for the drag races.  Jeremy took 2nd place in the Gambler's Race Friday night, but his luck wasn't as good Saturday.
They met up with their friend from Texas. .whose dragster is the featured in Devin's pictures. .there were about 50 on his camera. This little pack is the parachute on the back of the car to slow it down in a HURRY. They have great tailgaiting food while they all hang around there. .
. .and an occasional nap.
Jeremy made Devin go to bed earlier than he has in the past. .because that poor little 8 year old just can't handle being up till 1 am two nights in a row and then try to function in school! Dev's humor was much improved yesterday when he got home than it usually is after that much excitement.
Cami and I stayed home and manned the fort. .because there was a community wide garage sale this weekend that we NEEDED to hit!! We found some good stuff. .like butterfly catchers and purple sunglasses. .the hat was actually hers from before :-)
We also found some cute clothes for the little miss. .here she was looking under her bed for her black clicky shoes. .so we could take a picture!!
She danced, sang, and tried out the twirl-ability of her new dress. .just right!
. .and then pretended she was a well mannered, nice little 3 year old princess. .anyone buying into that???
She did resemble one. .at least for a moment!
We enjoyed hangin' out. .eating stuff like hot dogs and ramen noodles. .nature hiking through the pasture. .
watching movies. .napping. .snuggling up at night. .
. .and I found some time to work over my kitchen with mega batches of granola. .and some pecan treats I have been wanting to try out. As well as catching up on my scrapbook. I have had a beast of a cold that even my vitamin C monster dose didn't beat down. .so it was nice to move at a slow pace for a few days.
Tristan may have had the best weekend of us all!! His friend Tylyn and his mom (my buddy Kena) are DIEHARD KC Chief fans. .they travel the six hour trip several times per season to sit in the stands and cheer on their team. They had tickets to watch them play the Vikings Sunday, and invited Tristan to go along! That was ONE excited kid cause he has also been a forever-fan!! Tristan and Tylyn baked cinnamon rolls at my house Thursday night for their youth group bake sale, had football activities most of the day Friday, and took off early Saturday morning for Kansas City. .and they were still good buddies by the end of all that together time!
First I got a text Saturday that said. .
Jeez o Pete mom, it's a long way here--we're still driving!
The first text on Sunday was something like. .This is AWESOME!
He's never experienced anything like a professional football game before!!
He experienced getting a pat down. .crazy fans. .
checking out hot cheerleaders. .and miles of traffic.
Kena and Tylyn are veteran Chief watchers. .so they took good care of him. .and didn't let him get a cheerleader autograph across his chest. .not that he wanted one or anything!
There were about 2 million photos of the busty cheerleaders!! They were all decked out in pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness month (October. .for those of you who weren't aware)
I chose not to show any front views. I was actually a little mortified as to how much cleavage was visible. My husband just looked at me and said. ."Well, that's what the guys want to see, so that's what they give 'em." Yick!
Not sure if any of you follow the Chiefs. .but they aren't really that good. Kena even told Tristan that he may want to buy a Vikings shirt to wear. But the Chief's WON the ballgame Sunday. .so that was an added highlight to the trip!!
We're back to a crazy week. .the weather has been in the 90's the last couple days again. We do have good chances for moisture this weekend. .and we are praying for that!! The farmer's aren't able to plant their wheat crops for next summer until some moisture falls. .and after the summer they have had. .they could sure use a good crop next summer.  Wishing you all a great day and week!! Thanks for dropping by and catching up with us!!


  1. I was excited for Tristan when I heard the Chiefs actually won this week! He must be their good luck charm. :)


  2. After you saw those AWFUL cheer leader photos (shameless!) aren't you glad the rest of us guys do something wholesome, innocent, and family orientated like Drag Racing? Had a great time with your hubby and boys, thanks for sharing them. DJ

  3. How can you show batches of granola when I'm stuck in a hotel room at 4 in the morning with NO hope of breakfast for at least 3 more hours????? Cruel woman!
    Looks like you've had a pretty busy time (ALL of you!)
    I remember the first time I went to a football game. I was in shock over how many people there were. But wow---FUN! Your friend is awesome taking your son along!

  4. I am now convinced those cheerleaders are probably the reason my hubs and boys still are Chief fans! ;) Gross.
    WOW-- I think I would need more than a board to keep track of everyone. Looks like Cami made out great at the sales!!

  5. Wow that's a lot of stuff going on! :) Those dry erase boards are handy. Hope you're feeling better from your cold. I've seen the forecast for some rain coming up, hopefully we'll all get a good dose! We've got some wheat planted around here already and coming up. I pray we'll have good rains this winter and not go through this drought thing again. Have a good rest of the week!

  6. What a great weekend for everyone! I think you got the better end of the deal though, with all that Mother and Daughter time. :)

  7. So funny about getting a white board to keep track of everyone. Ha ha! I loved the look of Cami in he sun glasses. She is so cute. Mommy and daughter time is so important. My daughter is the one who always request it and she's 18.
    Ya know I was going the make some pecan treats too. Send me your recipe.