Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For the Love of Salsa!!

It was that time again. .Salsa time!!
Lisa came out Saturday for our annual salsa-makin' marathon!
Of course this year we didn't have ANY frozen tomatos from our gardens. So, she bought 3 cases of salsa-cut tomatos.  It just works so much faster. .and you'd never know the difference!
It takes a lot of jars!! We send 'em through the dishwasher first so they are good and clean. I filled my dishwasher full twice. .and Lisa washed hers before she came.

Lisa's husband called once to remind us to watch Camille, since last year she measured an unknown quantity of red pepper flakes into our pot. .while we were scurrying back and forth like the above photo. We didn't think she had added that much pepper, but it was SURE hot!! She bored pretty fast this year while watching Lisa chop "halloweenyos!" (Jalepenos, for those that don't speak 3 year old dialect!) Thankfully, all her big brothers were home. .so they were able to hold her attention to some degree!! Tristan was snapping photos. .it is a little hard to see what a huge mess we make on the counter behind us. .and we usually wipe salsa off the walls for weeks after our cook-a-thon. The stovetop is generally full. .The water bath canner is to the right, on the back burner is a double batch of something, and the front burner always had a single batch of El Charro salsa simmering. I will have to measure how many gallons those pots hold. .you can see how full they are!
Lisa and I sporting our empties. .tomato cans that is. .We just needed ONE more can to make a complete pyramid! HA
We started a bit after 8 and worked until about ten minutes after 4. .chopping, measuring, mixing, cooking, tasting, and canning up four varieties of salsa! I was proud to be able to wear the adorable apron that Jeremy got me for my birthday last spring. .Thanks to Sara for fixing me up with something lacy, pink, and gorgeous!! I'll have to try to remember to snap a photo of the adorable Halloween apron she whipped up for me as a hostess gift for last year's Halloween party!!
I don't think I showed a photo last year of our canner on the gas grill!! Our favorite type of salsa is a knock off of a local Mexican restaurant. We didn't like how it tasted after we had to add enough vinegar to keep us from giving someone botulism. .so we started pressure canning it. Every year we get the instruction manual out to remind us how to work the thing. .and this year there was NO wind. .so the heating up process of the canner was a lot faster and more predictable. We hopped through 6 or 7 batches of that stuff!
The equivalent of 155 pints of delicious home-made with love salsa!! Our family has been through 3 jars since Saturday. .
Come on over and we'll have some chips and salsa!!

On a side note. .Jeremy's grandpa passed from this life right before lunch today! I hope he is enjoying his own mind again!! We'll appreciate your continued prayers for healing and ease of suffering and sadness from those who loved him!
Have a blessed week!


  1. My sympathies on J's grandpa. I hope the whole family can be there to celebrate his life together.

    As for the salsa. That is a lot but who doesn't love salsa. I'm sure your crew will work through it all in not time. Fun pictures of the process.

  2. Our condolences about Jeremy's grandpa. Will keep you all in our prayers. Thanks for sharing the pictures of salsa-making - very interesting! That's a LOT.

  3. Oh, so sorry about Jeremy's grandpa.

    And the salsa--my goodness-3 jars gone already??? I don't think I use that in a year! Looks like a fun get-together though. I wouldn't want to tackle all that by myself.

  4. So sorry about Ed! Will be thinking of all of you in the coming days.
    Thats a whole lotta salsa!!! I too will be buying canned tomatoes to make salsa with. I was so thankful to get ANY that NONE made it into the freezer. We ate them. Not that there were that many anyway.

  5. God is good. My sympathies to all of the family. Letting go is tough, & I know that in some ways, the loss started a few years back...but the good memories are there to be enjoyed for many years to come.
    Hugs for all.

  6. So sorry for your family's loss.

    I've made lots of salsa before, but you've got me beat by a long shot! We only got 3 tomatoes this year, thanks to our hot, dry summer, so I did no tomato canning at all. I did get great broccoli and cauliflower this spring, so I thankfully have a lot of that tucked away in the freezer.

    It sure looks like you had a fun, as well as productive, day!

  7. Oh, My, I'm in LOVE! I'd just love to get my grubby mitts on all that salsa (but we know how i'd look, about 50# heavier :), You and Lisa do make the very best salsa there is). I know...... I could baby sit some night while you and Jeremy go on a date. Yeah, that's it! Have fun, stay out all night and don't worry about any thing! Just call me when your ready. DJ

  8. What fun! I haven't canned for a long time. I keep thinking I am going to one of these days. I still have my old pressure canner, but I imagine I should get it checked, or maybe even invest in a new one.

    Enjoy all that salsa! I like your kitchen.

  9. Oh my goodness! That is a crazy amount of salsa! Are you all really going to eat it all? I know, you can sent it to me. Ha ha!
    Your just like the energizer bunny!
    Again sorry for your loss.

  10. Mel, I've been thinking of you often as you are one of five friends who have lost loved ones in the past couple of weeks. Very sorry for your loss.