Monday, October 17, 2011

Off To the Races!

The dragsta! Everywhere he goes, people LOVE this truck!!
Since we enjoyed that 1 1/2 inches of rain 2 weekends ago, you may recall that it also cancelled Jeremy's weekend at the races with his motorhead buddies. October is the last month of racing until March, and he likes to go as often as he can that last month. So, when he started whining about missing the race and considered going to the track in Wichita. .I was on-board immediately for the trip. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to shop??
It was dark by the time I thought to get my camera out! The photos weren't too bad. .Here's the start of the race, his light is green at the bottom of the "tree" of lights. My friend Dale thinks I would love to drive his old race car. .and I used to love to drive fast. .but I'm pretty sure that my heart is too weak to handle it now. .these boys go FAAAAST!
So, it turned into a date!! Cami asked everyday when we were going shopping (I've truly created a monster!) and then would cock her head, peer out of the corner of her eyes and down her nose, bat her eyelashes, and say "we're goin' shopping, right mom. .yeah!" and give me a thumbs up. .Becky is now laughing. .because she can totally see the Diva saying that. .and hear the tone of voice she used!
Watching and waiting as the winning rounds approached closer within reach
The older boys both had other things going on, so we left early with the little ones and took off for the track. When Jeremy got settled in, he unhitched the pickup for me. .and we went shopping! We tried a brick oven pizzeria at New Market Shopping Center, which Devin proclaimed was AWESOME!
We shopped until I was ready to fall down from the exhaution of carting around 2 kids through store after store!! But we got a lot of errands run! We took Two Brother's BBQ back to the trailer for supper and spent the evening watching races.
As luck and skill would have it. .this guy took 3rd place. .
and brought home a trophy and a check!
Devin was totally pumped about the trophy. .which he is SOOOO keeping. .
shh. .don't tell his dad!!  This picture was taken at about 11:15. Cami hadn't had a nap either. .and she was dressed for bed, with the new pillow she got while shopping!
I thought it was a short 2 1/2 hour trip home after that as I started the new book I'd bought a few weeks ago called "The Doctor's Lady." Jeremy thought he was going to die before we made it home! And I sat on my bathroom floor when we got home just to read ONE more chapter  :-)  I finished it yesterday. .great book!!

Grant finished football last week. .with an undefeated season! He has chosen not to go out for basketball this year. He plans on helping his dad in the shop and helping with the Wednesday night kids church group. The drumline that he performs with will be playing at a breast cancer awareness basketball game in a couple weeks.  If any of you get Fox sports. .the game will be televised. I understand the performance will be super!

Tristan is in limbo, waiting on his growth plate to heal in the broken foot. The walking boot is optional now, but he is still wearing it because it hurts if he doesn't. Hopefully the bone will heal itself after the blood supply is restored. .but if it doesn't, surgery will be needed to reconstruct the bone and apply a cartilage graft. All in all, the doctor was positive about football for next year. .and so was Tristan. He is planning a trip to Denver over Thanksgiving weekend to volunteer with his youth group at a packaging center for shoebox gifts to under-served kids. Hoping everyone local will join their soup supper Wednesday night to help support their mission!

Devin and Cami are anxiously awaiting their birthdays and Christmas. . asking me to RUN to the TV every time a commercial with good loot shows up!! I told their grandma to hook up and let them browse the toy section to get gift ideas! It won't take them long!! Cami's new dream gift is a large Barbie head that she can apply lipstick to, fix her hair with clips and colors, and primp up!!

Jeremy and I are down to a month wait on our "trip-of-a-lifetime" to New York City for a long weekend with our campin' buddies, Lane and Cindy. We are thankful for good grandma's that are willing to corrale the kids for a few days to allow us a nice little trip away!

Unbelievably, it is beginning to feel like fall/winter! Hope you all are enjoying the change of season!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Brought home a trophy! Very good.
    Sounds like it was a fun trip for everyone.

  2. Wow, you all sure have been busy! New York City is probably a very nice place to camp with your buddies. ;o)

  3. That is a great photo of Jeremy's launch with the wheels up. I still think you would LOVE the thrill of racing! Glad for you having a great night out and congrats on the great finish, those checks are hard to come by. I had to giggle about you finishing the book on the bathroom floor. You act like a college kid. DJ

  4. Awesome about the races! :) Enjoyed hearing all the goin's-on. Yes, this fall weather is getting more and more enjoyable. My favorite time of year. Tonight starts a big cool-down, which will feel good!

  5. PUHAHA Oh my gosh I was laughing when I read that, then laughing even harder as I went on! I know that look and tone!
    Looks like a great weekend. I don't even like cars, but think that truck is awesome! Hope you got some good deals!! Any buy one get one at the greenhouses? ;)

  6. Wow, looks like Jeremy did awesome at the races! How fun for you to go shopping for the day! I can totally picture the face on your daughter with her looking out the corner of her eyes and batting her eyes!! so funny and good description! My youngest son's birthday is at the end of this we have been focusing a little on what he wants...but I haven't been dragged into the living room yet for commercials for toys for Christmas, but that is hilarious that you mentioned that because my kids have done that SOOOOOOO many times..."mom! come here hurry! hurry! It's on, it's on, you gotta see this!" Hee Hee! I love it!

  7. Oh wow, looks like you guys had a lot of fun despite the late hour. And a trip to NYC? I'll be you're counting the days.
    PS: So glad to hear you finally got some rain. Hoping more will come your way soon.

  8. Sounds like Jeremy is having fun! My kids went to see a NASCAR race a couple of weeks ago. They went with their dad and I had the weekend to myself. This was my daughter's first race.
    I hope Tristan is doing well.
    And a trip to NY! I'm so jealous!