Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh, the Places I've Seen!!

Tristan. .crazy 15 year old!
This is hands down. .one of the craziest weeks we have had around here in a LOOOOONG time!!
I have endured. .
a family photo shoot, the annual meeting of the extension board I volunteer on, the death of Jeremy's grandpa, school conferences for 3 children in 2 different schools. . 
Devin decorated this black widow "pumpkin" for the decorating contest at school. He got second place!
. .work, junior high youth group, a 3 1/2 year old with the stomach flu, music practices with 2 young children, a family dinner and funeral. .
That is Marion Jones. .I love the olympics. .and I was more than entralled with her a few years ago as I watched her compete. .truly an exceptional athlete!! I was pretty excited to see her in person! She also gave a session to the kids about her bad experience using illegal performance enhancing substances!
 . .the attendance at a local celebrity charity basket ball game, where Grant was playing in the drumline halftime performance. . 
. .they were featured for a whopping 5 seconds on Fox Sports midwest! 
. .More music practice and a performance at Gospel night of Wilmore Saturday Night Live. Cami actually didn't sing. She PRACTICED. .but when it came to people in the audience and strange stage lights on her. .she didn't utter ONE little note. Not one. .out loud. .She did later advise me that she WAS, however, singing in her head! Devin did a great job for both of them though. .and he didn't seem a bit nervous. 
Yours truly performed as well. .and even sang some grownup music! It should post on youtube sometime soon, and I will try to repost the link later, should you care to hear my talented little 8 year sing his lil heart out!  
It's Cap'n Jack Sparrow. .and Betty Crocker. .with a prissy witch hat! Do you LOVE this apron?? My friend Sara brought it to me as a hostess gift for the Halloween party last year!! It's very "me."  By the way. .it took Jeremy MUCH longer to get ready then me. .and he made sure he had plenty of time to primp. .it really made me giggle!! But what a response he got!! If you knew him very well. .dressing up is not generally his ballgame. .nor his personality!! He continues to surprise me every year!
I spent much time in prayer this week, begging God to give us freedom from everyone else getting the flu! He hears, and mercifully. .we survived one day at a time, taking role every morning!! We made it to Sunday school and church. .and were still standing to host our annual Halloween party this afternoon!! Of course. .there are tons of photos to share. .and I will!! 
But Devin insisted that we fix his treat bags for his school party tomorrow. I was planning on fixing them tomorrow while he was AT school. .but he wanted to help. .so we did that this evening! Because he has 27 kids in his class and treat bags can get expensive. .I had decided that we would make some type of snack mix to put in paper sacks with a pencil and some plastic fangs that D just had to have from Target (for his classmates. .yeah. .that's right!)
The snack mix turned out quite well. .we used popcorn, green and orange apple cereal, some chocolate cereal, a couple packages of Reece's pieces (which are great Halloween colors) and some candy corn and pumpkins.  
Mixed it all together, adding stuff until it looked right. . 
dumped 'em into the bags we worked on. .and
Now I have the whole day tomorrow to recuperate from last week. .that is. .
until it's time to attend the school Halloween party as "Party Mom," and then take the little ones to a Halloween party at the nursing home and then on to trick or treating!!
Stop and smell a rose for me please!!
Actually. .Thursday was a perfect afternoon. .and I did get a chance to stop and check out my own roses. .and will have some gardening photos later in the week. .in addition to the Halloween party pictures!



  1. Oh my gosh, Melanie---your week sounds EXHAUSTING. I will not complain one minute more about our disaster at the house. Loved Jeremy's costume-what a hoot. And you sing?? Is there NO end to the talents? Anyways-glad you made it through the week. Hope next week is a bit easier on you!

  2. WOW! What a week!! Maybe it will slow down this week. Loved J's costume!

  3. Whew, I need a nap after reading how busy you have been! Hope this week is better! I think Jeremy secretly loves to dress up. :)


  4. That's a lot going on! Did you sleep? Jonathan just saw the snack mix pictures, and now he wants candy corn! LOL

  5. I got lost just reading your week's activities. How did you keep all that straight? Jeremy went all the way on the costume. It is great! Hope you all make through the trick or treating tonight!

  6. Here's wishing you an enjoyably quieter week this week. You deserve it! I got exhausted just reading about everything you were juggling during this last week!

  7. So sorry to hear about the death of Jeremy's grandpa. I know the loss of a grand parent.
    You are one busy mom! Party mom is right. I look forward to seeing you on Youtube!
    By the way, your popcorn mis looks really good. How sweet of Devin to want to share with his class.
    Great parenting I tell ya! We have kids at our school that we won't see the parents all year.