Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, to be a Kid Again!

Saturday will go down in my memory as one of our best family days EVER. .
courtesy of being on hold to argue about a 6 cent bill.
You see, I never open my internet/cell phone bill in a timely manner. .because it gets auto-debited from my bank. However, for the 4th month in a row. .I was sent a second bill from a $2 amount (that had been paid) that resulted after we switched our accounts around in July. I waited on hold until I could politely tell them that I have called to take care of this matter 4 months in a row. .and that now they are just throwing away their money while sending me aggravating bills that will make them less money than it cost them to stamp their envelope. .Oh yeah, sorry. I waited on hold and glanced down at a coupon stuck in the envelope with my SIX CENT bill. It was for money off tickets to THE greatest show on earth. .which was slated to be in Dodge City that same day running through the weekend.
As I pondered my plans for the weekend. .Hmmm. .nope. .nothing. .
I decided that since some of the males in my house would be gone to the races, that I would take myself and Cami. .and any leftover males to the circus Saturday. .and a trip to Hobby Lobby that I was DESPERATELY needing anyway!
But. .great praises to God. .we found ourselves in the middle of a two day rainstorm. .
so the races were cancelled. .
and I had my whole family to myself. .
And. .to the circus we went!
Although, grudgingly by the older boys.
Devin and Cami didn't know we were going to a circus until we got into the parking lot. .when Devin read it on the sign.
Initially, I was put out because they said no flash photography. .and I get their safety points. .but it took me about 15 minutes to remember that I didn't NEED to use a flash anyway. .probably. .because the stage was so bright. And all was right in my world again. .
So, we enjoyed tight-rope walkers. .
 that guy actually JUMPED on to this dude's shoulders as he was squatted down on that miniscule little rope. .then his conditioned thighs lifted both his weight. .and the guy on his shoulders to an upright position. .while still standing on that miniscule little rope! Amazing!
The look on Cami's face when she saw these huge elephants was priceless!! They also had an act with camels, horses, and miniature ponies. Additionally, they had trained cats and dogs for different acts too!
This beautiful, glittery girl had a cable in her ponytail. .
which was used to hook this beautiful, glittery girl with a cable in HER pony tail together.
There was a lot of discussion in our car regarding how much hair these girls have. .and why they weren't crying and/or bald when they were done spinning circles and doing gymnastics in the air. .held up by their ponies!
Intermission was the perfect time for snacks. Cami had been dying to have a sno-cone from the beginning. .and it came in a take home plastic clown mug. .The sno-cone tasted terrible, and luckily. . she spilled the remaining 3/4 onto the floor. .so we wouldn't have to worry about not spilling it on ourselves when we were clapping and cheering. Smart girl!!
Bambi and Dale. .see if you can see who is sitting in the row in front of us. .We ran into Jason in the parking lot. .and then he gave us an extra ticket that they had and didn't need! Yeah!
The look on her face as she found out there was MORE show to come!!
The second half proved to be as entertaining as the first. .Two little dancing China guys lit this ring of swords on fire. .
And then kamakazied right on through it. .with a bags over their heads.
More elephant tricks. .
. .how would you like to chase elephants wearing these suckers all day?? Ours was the first performance of three on Saturday. .Don't get me wrong. .I think these boots ROCK. .I'd wear 'em if they were mine. .but I'm pretty sure that I would be crying after about 3 hours!
Now, have you ever seen the likes of THAT?? It's certainly not a view you would get at the zoo!
This guy stood on the end of that teeter totter while another guy jumped on the "up" end, causing him to fly and sommersault backward into that seat in the sky. CRAZY! These were some exceptional athletes!! I know it is common to joke about running off to the circus or even about "circus freaks." But these people were incredible, INCREDIBLE athlete/performers!! They fascinated us with their acrobatics, gymnastics, and dancing, and wowed the crowd with their feats and illusions!
But this was probably the craziest thing that happened. .There is a woman at the top of that closed cage. .can you see her? Around the midsection of the globe are THREE big dudes on their motorcycles. .wearing helmets. She hung up there on a rope (with no leathers and helmet-less) while they rode their bikes all over the inside of that globe!! And it didn't take 'em very long to make a trip around.  I kept imagining that sickening crashing sound in my head, as I TOTALLY waited for them to collide.
They didn't of course. .but I still had to wonder how many times they had during practice!! It's a wonder that any of them survive to old age! Really!!
When the party was over. .
. .Cami was ready to stay for the next performance. .
She's still talking about the girls in their beautiful outfits. .
"you know mom, the one with the sparkling shirt and pink pants!"
And when Jeremy complained about the price of the snacks. .I reminded him that the kids got FREE souveneirs to take home. .
He just doesn't get it!!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to see what this crazy family has been up to.
Only a few days until the weekend!
Enjoy 'em!!


  1. Jonathan enjoyed looking at these pictures with me. :) Wow! I'm like you - they MUST be in top athletic shape to pull all that stuff off! Had to laugh about the ponytail-cable thing. Yeah, I'd think they'd be bald by now!

  2. I haven't seen a circus in ages. It really is amazing. Looks like a great family day.

  3. Camis face she's making made me LOL. Looks like fun!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time and I really like the hats the boys have on! We went to the circus a few months ago and loved it.


  5. 1) how lucky to see Jason, you should have got him to take the fam out for chineese! :). 2) When I saw the cutsie boots, my first thought in my head was they were yours, but then I read the caption! DJ

  6. That sounds like a day to remember for sure! It seems that the most memorable times are the ones that aren't on the calendar at all. I suppose we could all take a lesson from you and live a little more spontaneously! Thanks for a great post and a good reminder. Oh, and those older boys just don't get any less ornery looking!!

  7. Hum? "Here is a coupon for tickets and by the way you still owe me 6 cents!" That kind of stuff drives me crazy!
    Lucky you had a rain day. Looks like you all had fun! So cool you didn't tell them until you were there. I could never have pulled that off.

  8. Ha! Love that last pic. I admit, I am poo-poo about the circus...but I guess I really should take the kids sometime. It looks like there's plenty for them to be wide-eyed about!