Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fishin' Frenzy

We enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day here in southern Kansas!! The best day climate-wise in months! It was overcast from the time we got up, till very near sunset. The temperature never got above about 85 degrees or so. It sprinkled a bit. .but perfect weather for being outdoors! Jeremy and Devin went to the drag races last night, which left the rest of here to our own devices! And this afternoon we decided to call Uncle Joe and go fishin'.
We enjoyed some pizzas and conversation, and then headed over to grandpa's pond. The water level has gone down LOTS in the past few months since we have been there. 
But what a gorgeous night to be there. .the picture doesn't even do the reflections justice. .they were incredible!! It's hard to believe that the family two generations older than us used to water ski on this pond!! We saw some old movie clips a while back that grandma dug up showing just that!! We just laughed to see them! The water used to extend back as far as the evergreen trees in the background. .and 1/2 way up the hill!
The boys particularly enjoyed tooling around in the old boat. . 
And discovered while putting the boat in the water, that THIS was the location that the new school shoes should be left. .Good choice!! 
It was a good thing that we packed up the leftover pop and no-bakes to bring for hungry fishermen. .er, girls. And if you leave 4 boys in charge of making no-bakes. .they may just end up forming the mix into a sheet cake pan. .
a No-Bake Cake. .Hmmm. .teenagers!!
I think the reason that we didn't catch any fish was this crew. .they were pretty much anything but quiet!! The water level here should be covering every green thing behind the kids--clear up to the green trees!! 
Not sure who taught these boys to row a boat. .but I'm SURE it was supposed to be as silent and graceful as this picture looks like it should have been. .it WASN'T!! by any stretch of the imagination! 
Keith and Cami ran a million miles. .and climbed hills and cliffs that went straight up to the sky! Oh, what it would be like to be this small again! 
Biggest lesson learned. .
Looks can be deceiving when you chance walking across a "dry" pond bed!!
Uncle Joe's garden hose made short work of THAT mess. .hope it came out of their clothes!
And the answer to that question of old. .
"If all your friends jumped into a lake, would you jump too??"
It's a definite YES!
Hope you are all finding something fun to do this weekend!


  1. What a blast those kids must have had. And I bet they slept pretty good that night......

  2. I don't think our weekend was as fun as yours, but we did have fun. Glad to hear the horrible weather has abated a bit in Kansas. I'll be planting a few things in September.~~Dee

  3. Ohhhhhh my gosh I love these pictures!! HAHAHA I can't believe the mud! Heard lots of stories coming home last night. On the way home I kept smelling something and finally said what IS that SMELL?? To which he replied OH. Yeah. That's me! =) He came home, took a shower, and crashed.

  4. Looks like a fun day. Pond muck is deep and so deceptive... That is a big pond (is when full). Can't imagine water skiing on it but what fun that there are old movies.

  5. I love little excursions like this!! I cannot believe those boys sunk into that pond bed up to their knees!!! That is hilarious!! Oh the memories!

  6. This drought business is sobering, but I'm glad you could enjoy this pond! The scenery looks like down here in the red dirt, canyons, cedars, etc. :) Yeah, new school shoes + mud = NOT a good thing! Wise decision. LOL Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are definitely the BEST days!!