Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School and Other Crazy Occurrences

Well, it's crazy to think that the kids have survived two days of school already! But they have! A little sadness to find I only had 2 kids available to take the annual "back to school" photo! They were all ready to go. Dev has been asking for weeks when it would start. Funny thing. .I found that shirt he's wearing all cleaned and folded up with our camping towels in the big tub last week. I set it aside and forgot about it. Scavenger that he is, he promptly sniffed it out and wore it. I didn't think it to be the best shirt to wear for the FIRST day of third grade, with his new teacher and all. .you may not be able to read it well. .It says. ."TROUBLE is my middle name". .really!
I had to work Monday too, so their dad caught the picture getting on the bus while I was in the shower. .Grant started 8th grade and football on the same day.  It will be another year of hopping activities for him. If you are wondering where Tristan was Monday morning to miss out on the photo op. .He had his first high school football practice at 5:45 AM. .
We have required the kids to put a certain portion of their "earnings" whether allowance, or money made from helping their dad in the shop into their saving account. We had also decided that we would help to pay half of their first vehicle. This little car came available a month or so ago. .so Tristan wrote the check for the car, and Jeremy agreed to put new tires on it and do a little work to it for him; making it an equal deal. One HAPPY boy!! (and one happy mom. .since he earned his farmer's permit a couple weeks ago. .I don't have to get him to practice at 6 am and picked up at 6:30. .he can take himself!!)
Our supper table has been a buzz of conversation for the last two nights. .as everyone has information to contribute from the days!! The younger boys are enjoying things; Tristan, on the other hand, is feeling pretty overwhelmed!! Today was the last early morning practice. .so that may help. As I highlighted my calendar a couple weeks ago, I got a little nauseated with the reality of just HOW busy we will be. For much of the year, there will be 3 games a week between both older kids. .plus music programs, Wednesday night church activities, and 4-H. But you know what?? I'll bet we'll live to tell about it later! It'll be a wild ride!
This is my new motto. .
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, pina colada in the other, body thoroughly used, totally worn out and screaming -- "WOO HOO, what a ride!"

Speaking about "body worn out and screaming. .
I think I've mentioned before the way my husband collects old junk autos like other people collect stray cats. .or was that about me and my gardening obsession (which is another post later this week)?
Never the matter.
Check out what showed up at my house the day after Tristan's new car.
This old guy (1929 to be exact) has been sitting in my FIL's barn for MANY years.
My husband laughs and calls it his inheritance.
I love the sculpture to it. .the nice curvy running boards. .
Look at these wheels. .are they not ADORABLE. .and I don't even LIKE cars!!
This was Jeremy's great grandfathers feed wagon. .he used it to carry the straw bales for his cattle. And drove it till the end of it's days. .or the end of his days. .I can't remember which it was. But it was. .A LONG TIME!!
The plan. .to fix it up. There goes my winter weekend helper again. And Grant was a little miffed because he wanted his truck to be next in the refinishing line (which I believe it still is). They worked to clean out a spot in the back of JEREMY'S shop for this little guy. The boys were all interested to know whose THIS car's owner would be.  The surprising answer??
MINE!! HA!  (surprising even to me)
Now, normal people get his and her bathrooms or his and her recliners. .
We have his and her Model A's! How 'bout that!
Ya might be a redneck!
He says I won't need air conditioning. .
And I'm not sure that my dress pants will survive the seats. .
But I do get to pick out the color. . .
All by myself!!
How do you think I'd look in HOT PINK??
. .or not!!
Enjoy your week. .it's half over


  1. I showed my husband the car--I think he wet himself!
    Ah, boys and their toys!

  2. Hey, the car has style and character. It'll look great once your hubby works on it.
    A kid with a license. Oh boy!

    Hope you survive the crazy week/school year!

  3. Sue, if you click on Jeremy's name on the label links, you'll get some idea of what he can do with cars. There are at least 3 posts showing the different things he has rebuilt since I started this blog 2 1/2 years ago, and before you started reading. Tell your hubby to sit down first :-)

  4. For 2 years of our lives we had 4 kids in 4 different schools! And yes, we lived to tell the tale. It wasn't even as bad as we expected. But I must say, I'm enjoying the calm and quiet of the empty nest, even as much as I miss my faraway kids like crazy. : )

  5. Back to school has definitely been hustle and bustle! If it makes his mom feel better...I don't recall seeing Devin in the office on the first day, so he must NOT have lived up to his shirt!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! That car/truck/model A....that is awesome!!! I can't believe that gets to be yours! You lucky dog! I would have so much fun tooling around in that. Looks like it is needing some serious work. Can't wait to see a photo when it's done, which I'm sure will be a while from now!
    So, your kids are back to school...mine start on August 30th. I think it is about time for them to go back only because they keep saying how bored they are. Today I told them what to do and said they had to follow what I said. I told them to go play frisbee for 30 minutes and then come back and I would tell them what else to play. They did the frisbee, came back in, and then said, ok, what now mom, I told them now go get the kick ball and kick it to each other and around the mom, that is so boring! and that was the end of that!!! HA HA!

  7. Melanie-we went through the old posts. Oh boy. Now hubby is starting THAT TALK again. I believe I've lost him.............
    Seriously-Jeremy did some very wonderful work on those vehicles. Very talented man!
    I will be waiting (DON will be waiting) for a follow-up post on this car (toy!!)

  8. You are one lucky girl in so many ways. First, what a way cool car. Hot pink with pastel blue accents and a blue/white pearl overcoat would rock. 2) If you only knew how much that gift means in a guy's love language... enjoy! DJ

  9. WOW!! What a cute car! You and Cami will look ADORABLE driving to town in it!
    Hang on--life is about to get nuts I think. Our calender looks like a highlighter threw up on it.

  10. Back to school! Yea!!!! We had kids for the first day today. I feel sorry for you and the boys having a car! Ha ha! Are there girls around! Just joking.
    Your new, Ha ha,vehicle! Wow! How did you get to be so lucky.
    Funny about how your left alone in the winter because your husband works in his shop.
    A guy I used to know in Missouri always refurbished tractors in the winter and had a nephew that had a MF pulling tractor they were always working on.