Monday, August 1, 2011

Adventures on Grand Lake

This was the first time EVER that I have been on vacation for an entire week. I thought we would be bored at some point. .and was pleasantly surprised to find that we were not, at any time, without something to do.
The first morning we took our boat and our map of Grand Lake and navigated our way around the lake. It took around an hour to get to the dam from where we were. We ran into this swan in one of the coves and found out that they like Golden Grahams, and that they might eat out of your hand, if you don't freak and drop the cereal first!! The kids enjoyed watching it eat. .and the HUGE carp that would sneak up from the underside and gulp the cereal from under the swans beak!
The covered boat dock right outside the house was a source for much enjoyment. Many people had diving boards and slipper slides attached to their docks for swimming. Our boat estimated the depth where the kids were jumping to be about 20 feet deep, so no worries about diving and horseplay.
Cami's favorite part of the trip was the swimming, and by the end of the trip we were calling her "Minnow."
We threw in D and Cami's scooters for them to ride around with, but I wouldn't have dreamed they would be used for this purpose.
It only took the kids about an hour to decide to dig out the scooters to ride down the launch ramp, which was right next to our yard.
Jeremy and I got lots of laughs out of their antics for sure!! We were waiting for the Devin, the graceful one (NOT), to break an arm, or lacerate a limb. .but he didn't!
Monkey see. .Monkey do around here!! Didn't take her long to desire her own turn.
This was my favorite time of the whole trip. I LOVED sitting outside on the deck late in the evenings, with my coffee, after lunch. .pretty much anytime. . and watch. .the kids. .the birds. .the waves. .and the sunset. We ate a lot of meals right there, despite the triple digit heat. And Grant and I had a couple of Scrabble wars out there too.
The second morning we drove back into Grove and went to Har-ber Village. This place was actually an antique collection started by Harvey and Bernice Jones back in the 1940's. There were 112 buildings on the property (which was situated right on Grand Lake). Some of the buildings were old log cabins that were actually disassembled and moved to their site, being re-assembled there. The buildings included an old post office, doctors office, jail. .
. .courtroom, old homes, and other buildings that were created to fit into the scheme of things. The buildings were outfitted with an amazing collection of antiques. I'm sure the kids didn't enjoy it as much as I did, but they did show some interest just the same.
They ran along quite a ways ahead of me. .
which was nice because then I could enjoy some of it quietly!
I wondered how many people had been married in the tiny little chapel that sat in full view of the lake.
Cami and I stayed home for her nap that day and I did some bird watching for a bit before we hit the waters again.
She was SURE that Grant hadn't gotten his sumscream put on right. .so she helped him out a little bit!
Then it was back on the water till supper time. Even I get in and play sometimes!! Where we were most of the time was right up against this rock cliff. Unbelievably, the water was about 80-90 feet deep right where I am!!
I had nearly 500 pictures when I got home. .don't panic. .I won't show them ALL to you!! But I did divide them up into 3 posts. .so in a day or two. .I'll put some more up!
 Have a great week!!


  1. Great pictures! Love the bird ones and I am SO happy Cami was looking out for the sumscream. Looks like a beautiful place!

  2. Looks like fun! Isn't it great to have a get away. A place where there is nothing you need to do but you can do so much!!

  3. Ha ha! Let the good times role! So you got up on the4 skies, good for you. What a sweet little Cami to put sun screen on her brothers face. He'll have to remember that when she gets older and drives him crazy!
    Knowing how deep the water is would have made me a little nervous.
    So glad you all had such a good time!

  4. Your pictures rock. what a great time and the kids all look so sweet too. The sights look like tons of fun. DJ