Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sidewalk Make-over

Last fall when we put in the pond. .we decided to take out the existing sidewalk.  YEARS ago, we took out the very old, very narrow, very straight sidewalk and put down native limestone (well, native to my mom and dad's place).  I loved it, and it was very functional.  Since we added the sidewalks to the east side of the  house, I have been longing for a wider, windier path to the front. And frankly. .while the old stone path looked cool. .it was a LOT of work..and I had NO desire to do the digging to add to the stones! So we hired our trusty carpenter-jack-of-all-trades friend do the work for us! We/he intended for the sidewalks to be completed last fall. .but as situations arise. .as they sometimes do. .they didn't get worked on until much later, like until a few weeks ago. 
So these pathetic views have been my life since October. .
And I was sure glad to get them traded in for new views over the last few weeks of labor and dirtwork!
The fun part was that we were able to take the sidewalk up to the front deck. .and then turn off and continue to take the sidewalk around the west side of the house. .
ending here. .the steps to the west deck. 
We had laid down a small landing of sand stone and limestone with pea gravel in between. .it has worked. I will appreciate being able to keep my feet dry now while checking on the flowers.
Going backwards. .here is our new walk from the west deck. .
(doesn't that look better already??)
Around the corner to the front deck. .
And down the front steps to the driveway!! Even the cat enjoyed trying out the new path. I was able to get some blue elijah fescue plants along the length of the walk to the left in the picture. .right on the other side of the rocks is the pond. .and I love the contrast already. It is drought tolerant. .and will provide some winter interest too! I plan to add a different variety of grass, maybe 12-18 inches tall. .hopefully with some color.  And have already decided that next fall, some tulips and daffs will need to go in there!!
The contractor put a light texture of stone into the wet concrete. .and will apply a terracotta colored stain to the sidewalk at some point! We have done a ton of dirt work. First to level up the yard. .and then several tractor bucket loads into the existing flower bed on the south side of the pond.  This will create a little nicer spot to plant. .and allowed me to put a stone walkway through the bed. So far I have enjoyed planting along the sidewalk in the beds and conjuring up what will go in next!

It's nice to get my fingernails dirty again. .and I can't wait to keep you all updated about the progress of the gardens! Thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. It looks good. So nice to see it is a winding path (the way we really walk). You're going to have so much fun planing along there. Smaller blooming bulbs are nice by walkways because you'll see them still dashing from house to car when it's still cold--like today!

  2. Looks very nice. It will also make a good roller skating path for the kids...


  3. I like the new sidewalk! That will be fun to see the growing things you add around it. :) I have to admit that I like rock walks, too, though - are you going to do something else with the rocks?

  4. Rhonda. .We repurposed the old flat rocks around the pond. .and as the base to a small sitting area under the tree next to the pond. .hoping this weekend to move my stone bench we made last summer to sit there too!

  5. wow! That's a nice sidewalk! It looks great. I can only imagine how many pretty flowers and plants will go along that sidewalk. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to plant!

  6. The sidewalks look great, as does the dirt next to them. It's always fun to get into the dirt and plant.