Monday, March 7, 2011

Grant Goes Teen!!

Wanting to know how I am suddenly the mother of TWO teens???
That's the truth!!
You may recall that Grant's birthday was the day of the garden show. .
which was initially very disappointing to him!
He got over it pretty fast!!
And he's been partying all weekend. .with friends to come and party next weekend too!
He was thrilled to get some Skull Candy headphones.  Seriously. .
These things look like the first headphones they ever created. .Kids these days have all these sleek little earbuds to use..and they are all going back to these huge suckers. .and lovin' 'em!
I don't generally allow the kids to have ANY thing with skull and cross bones on them (call me quirky). .but these phones only have a skull. .and no bones. .besides they sit on his "skull"--so I see where the name came from. (how's that for rationalizing things out :-)
We took the whole photography crew to eat at Ghengis Grill. .as his choice for supper that night.  We were the only ones who have eaten there. .but everyone else loved it just as much!! It is a Mongolian grill. .you essentially fix your own plate of food and they grill it for you. .YUMM!! It's on Rock Road next to the mall. .if you are in Wichita and haven't tried out yet. .better do it!
We were pretty excited to welcome home our ex-Houston family!! The cousins had a blast. .and it was a nice time for the adults too!! They are glad to be here. .but will be happier to have their stuff. .which won't come in until Wednesday.
As is the custom. .Grandma made the birthday cake.  Grant wanted a surprise flavor and decoration. .so it was her choice.  She fixed an orange cake. .and put a trashcan drum on the top. How creative is that!!
Cami was BEGGING to help Grant "blow up" his cake. .and she may have blown out a candle or two. .or maybe she just spit on our cake. .Whatever happened. .she went away happy and ate a huge piece with a chunk of ice cream too!  Seems that all my kids are "growing" right now. .and I can hardly feed them enough!!  As grocery prices are rising. .I think it is time to get worried!!
Grandma always brings the other kids something to open too. .and Keith and Devin got these little guys that have "laser lights" on their bellies. .Dev was afflicting Grant with a beam.

We ended out our evening by cutting up seedling potatos after everyone left.  Grant saw some at the garden show last weekend. .and we decided to give it a try.  Now, I recall when my mother used to grow potatos. .but it is very distant and hazy in my memory. This is new to me, and I am excited for the challenge.  We sliced our potatoes (2 red varieties and a Yukon gold) and they are hanging out in the basement, waiting until the time is right.  Dev was snapping pictures. .so I will keep you posted on how it goes.

The projects are flying high at our house right now. .and energy levels are dropping! Jeremy is furiously trying to finish his new racing truck before the season starts. . .in two weeks. .He has been working night and day and it now LOOKS like a truck. .and got it's first coat of real paint yesterday! I'll have pictures of that soon. .The carpenter will be pouring the cement for the front walk soon (this week, hopefully). We have hit snags with the tub and shower being here. .so the bathroom project has not started yet. .but he assures me it will be done by the time I have family here for Tristan's 8th grade graduation in May.  I'm trying to make arrangements for some education coming up within this next month. I'm a little glad that the weather hasn't really made me itch to be outside yet!! There will need to be some dirt work done around the pond soon too! The greenhouse is doing well, and my pepper and tomato seedlings are looking great!! It seems like every time I leave Walmart, I have another packet of seed or another bag of roots to put in the ground. 
I wonder. .
Do they have help groups for gardening addicts???

Sign me up!!
Hi. .my name is Melanie and. . . . . . . .


  1. Happy Birthday Grant! Just a reminder...being a teenager DOES NOT mean you are too cool to talk to Mrs. Stapleton anymore!! I remember the first time we ate at Ghengis Grill...I was pregnant with Westynn at the time and we were in Wichita for Jeremy's dad's open heart surgery. I remember telling Jeremy when we pulled up that there was no way in **** that I was going to eat there. Turns out we were all pleasantly surprised! I also got to meet the cousins and Lisa today...all three were very nice and I think we are lucky to have them back in Comanche County!

  2. Happy birthday to Grant! I liked the cake. :)

    This year, C.R. will be 19 and Jonathan will be 13. So for a year, I'll have two teenagers. I hear ya' on feeding them!

  3. The first step is admitting you have a problem...;)

    Hope G had a wonderful birthday! Love the cake! What a great idea!

  4. I thought Grant was looking taller on Sunday. Happy Birthday Grant!! Loved the cake.

    We always get stuck in the Mexican food rut when we go out, we'll have to expand our taste buds and try something new!

  5. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for your comment on my critter post.

    I remember longing for more than my two kids until they became teenagers. It was pretty challenging. Now, they are grown, and back to liking us.

    I am half a zone colder than you. I haven't planted anything inside yet, but need to look at my seed packets to see if there are any I should be starting.

    Did you get more snow the last few days? It snowed here yesterday, but it wasn't cold enough to stick. More could be coming tomorrow, but not as much as they had thought at first.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  6. Loved the cake! I can't believe Grant is already a teenager. Where does the time go? I remember how Mom always used to complain about how much the boys ate. Not looking forward to those days. I already have trouble filling the 10 year old up.


  7. Oh will be a while before I get that second teenager. I just don't know what I'd do!
    I just bought a bag of seed potatoes today. Here we go, spring!