Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring's on the Way!

Though the weather has been as chilly as it looks in the above picture. .there are plenty of things around my yard that say spring is here!!
Hyacinths are pretty much my spring time favorite!! The smell is delicious!! Sometime or other I have planted these babies in places I don't even remember planting!! There is a clump about 15 feet from my back door that just entices me to deep breathe every time I walk in it! And unlike tulips, which are finicky at my house about coming back every year. .these little treasures do!! I've already picked one to scent my kitchen!
My forsythia bush grows ever so slowly. .and the blossoms are scant so far. .but hey. .blooms are blooms at this time of the year!
The lilacs seem to have lots of buds popping.  I was quite surprised a few weeks ago already to be able to see the buds emerging from the twigs. .it seems a little early to me..but no complaints from me either! The only type of vegetation (aside from cedar and elm trees) growing here when we moved was two lilac bushes. .one white and one purple. .and a handful of tulip bulbs.  6-7 years ago when we added on a laundry room, storage space and a second bathroom, we had to transplant the purple lilac bush.  Not sure if it would survive that move or not, I took several pieces of new wood and root and transplanted them into a short row on the north side of my house.  They are slowly enlarging in size and have been blooming for the last few years.  I don't think one can ever harvest enough of these scented flowers for spring time bouquets!
The multi-stemmed redbud bush is starting to bloom. .from the ground up. .And my redbud tree is also very close to showing off it's stuff too!  I do love the colors of these trees.  A couple years ago, we bought 3 flowering crabapple trees. .Those should be popping blooms soon too.  I was sad to see that one of the three may not be coming back this year.  Some deer really did a number on the trunk 2 years ago. .last year it seemed to do well. .and I thought we would get by alright. .this year, not a leaf as of yet. .just some growth coming up from the ground, that I would trim off anyway.
The moon has been wrong for planting seeds. .and if the moon is right. .the weather has been wrong!! The tomatoes are taking off in their individual pots, and the butterfly weed is starting to root out the bottom of their pots.  One of the passion flower vines has 2 big, fat flower buds on it. .I can hardly WAIT to see that bloom!! I've also noticed that some of my cheap Walmart roots are coming out of the ground. .Hee Haw!! The weather will feel like spring again in a few days!! Maybe to stay! What's coming up around your place??


  1. I think I only planted hyacinths once and the rabbits ate them to the ground. Sigh. At least that's what I think ate them. I really need to try some again. I'll have to put them on my bulb wish list. Tulips I have. Most of them have returned just fine. My lilacs are really covered with buds too. I love them. So nice that you have a white one. I don't have room for more lilac bushes but I prune them well each spring after they bloom to encourage as many flowers as possible! I haven't seen any forsythia blooms yet. I have 4 of them and they got really wild and crazy. Last year, I had to prune them a lot just to keep them from overpowering some things near them. I'm interested to see what they do this year as they love to sprout branches every which way. I love red buds. I'm intrigued by your bush variety. Pretty. Hope all your seedlings keep thriving. Warmer days are ahead (I think).

  2. Thank you for visiting my Seedscatterer blog. We're having weather again today but no hail so far.

    Hyacinths are one of my spring favs. Sometimes they fall to voles and fail to come back but usually I can count on them if they're in a rich bed. Do you know that sulphur butterflies will hang on them during the night? I learned by going out to make pics in the dark.

    Love the bluebird trail.

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  4. I drove by the other day, and it's really shaping up. I can't wait to see it after the plants finish growing. DJ

  5. I am sorry to report that NOTHING is coming up around here! Well, actually my dafodils are, but they haven't bloomed..and the tulips are only poking out of the ground by an inch. My rhubarb is poking out of the ground as well...other than is baren and ugly and sad...we even had snow yesterday. Cry, cry, cry! It did look pretty because it was so heavy but it's not exactly what we want to see at the end of March! You're so lucky to see all those pretty flowers blooming!

  6. Down this way, I've seen forsythia, redbud, daffodil, plus trees leafing out. Some trees with blossoms. I hope I didn't plant at the "wrong time" yesterday for lettuce and peas and radishes! My indoor herbs are coming along. I really enjoy the pictures you share!