Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waterfall Sounds

We finally enjoyed a day that wasn't too windy--and one where I had time to take a short video of the pond and waterfall.  Several of you expressed interest in hearing the captivating music of the waterfall.  I think I shot it about 3 times before I got the focus thing right, and then several more before I got one without a lot of kid background noise.  You will notice a large semi truck sound that vrooms through it. .but you'll just have to take it how you get it. .and know that I was smiling in disbelief as I heard him coming up the highway!! Hope you enjoy it!
Coupled with the lovely sunrise photo of the pond above, I think I won't have any trouble making it a habit to drink my coffee there. .when my kids are grown!!

Hope you all check back tomorrow to join in our Thankful Thursday celebration!


  1. It sounds so nice!!! Looks good too. You did a nice job building it and videoing it. Love the beckoning chair.

  2. Well, the video didn't load for me, but it is a beautiful photo. It's crazy that you had a nice day...we had a bunch of snow today! Nothing that stayed on the ground but big, fat snow that would have looked beautiful on your pond.

  3. I love the sound of trickling water. It is so relaxing! You really do need to have a cup of coffee out there...before those kids grow up! hee hee!

  4. Love the video! That's so nice to hear the water, and I could even sit and watch it running over the rocks all day. Funny about the truck!