Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miss Camille

It's hard to believe that this little thing is going to be 3 in a few short weeks. She is growing SO fast and just becoming a regular little person!!
Speaking of "little." She now refuses to be addressed as anything referred to as "little." Little girl, little angel, little miss crabby pants. .you get it!! It always invokes an indignant "I'm NOT little. .I'm BIG!!" She also has a BIG time estrogenic attitude to go with her indignation.
Her imagination is growing by leaps and bounds!! Thanks to Liz for the handed down dress up clothes. .and to granny for making a few minor repairs. She showed me how she could twirl her "magic wand" or her pom pom--depending on which outfit she is wearing--say "abracadabra" (with most syllabals present)
turn me into. .
a. . .
(if you guessed frog--you were wrong--so was I)
SANDWICH (huh??)
She has recently started going to a preschool one morning a week. .which she loves. .she's quite social and enjoys the concept of going to school, though she is still totally ticked that she doesn't get to ride the bus!!
And has even started attending the new AWANA kids program that our church is putting on after school on Wednesdays.
Her learning ability (and that of all kids this age--not just my daughter) astounds me!! One week after her first trip to AWANA--she was able to remember the verse that her leader Tanya helped her learn.  I started by saying "God"  and she responded by saying "loves us and sent he's (his) Son" which is a shortened version of John 3:16.  When prompted with the word "all" she replies "have sinned"--Romans 3:23. 
How cool is that?!?
To date, she knows one more, but her mother can't remember the prompt to that one. .and our Cubbie paper is at church!
We have had an extra enjoyable week together and I just couldn't resist sharing those little things!


  1. You forgot to add she brings much joy and laughter to everyone around her! =)
    She was sure a blessing to us Thursday, and provided much needed smiles.

  2. awwww, your daughter is so adorable! I love the dress up stuff...I used to do that too. I laughed about the sandwich thing...ha ha! I know it is amazing how children learn...that is awesome!

  3. What a little angel, er, oops, sorry, I mean what a BIG angel. :)

  4. There's just something amazing about a daughter, isn't there? Sometimes I could just eat her up I love her so much.