Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eight Years and Counting

Seems hard to believe that eight years ago, this crazy guy was just arriving!! We have always had to work around Thanksgiving.  This year, we chose to do his friend birthday the weekend before the big day.
He had three of his best buds come for an overnighter.  Though the weather was cool, they had a ball playing outside!!  They explored through the tree row, took turns with the zip line, enjoyed a little flashlight tag with the new flash lights I gave to them, exercised their acting, drawing, and guessing abilities at Cadoo, and played a little baseball.
I ALWAYS enjoy kids that can entertain themselves. .and these guys just rocked!!
I had intended to buy him a decorated cookie while in Wichita the day before, but ran out of time.  So, I picked up some refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough and made my own.  I probably had too much dough  for my pan, but it worked out better than I expected.  Someday I hope to be able to correctly color frosting in vibrant, beautiful hues. .but for now, we just deal with my shortcomings and pretend they are beautiful.  My big boys didn't believe me when I told them that I made it myself. .so I guess it must not have looked THAT bad. 
And this bunch certainly didn't care what it looked like. .as long as they got to eat some!
Dev's REAL birthday was on Thanksgiving this year.  So in addition to stuffing ourselves on traditional fare, we also have to make room for a little piece of birthday cake too. Great Grandma made his cake as usual.
This year she decided to go with an ice hockey theme.  She made goal boxes out of little pieces of window screening, wooden hockey sticks, and a frosting puck. D loved it!!
I couldn't convince him that he was only getting socks OR underwear for his birthday.  So he was super pleased to find a new bike instead!  He has loved his bike since he was 3 years old!! That kid insisted that his dad take off the training wheels when he was 3--and he got on and fell off, got on and fell off, and got on and fell off. .until he finally got on and rode. It was the funniest site to watch cause he just looked so little on that bike, peddling his little feet off! His bike broke sometime this summer, and his dad was dying to get him a new one! This is probably the fanciest looking one he has ever had.
We had a quiet and nice thanksgiving. .hope everyone else did too!!
One birthday down, one more to go. .Miss Thing turns 3 next weekend! Stay tuned!


  1. Happy Birthday to D!! We are always in need of new bikes here at our house. I keep telling them if they would just ride them normal they would last longer!!
    Love the cake!!

  2. Sounds like Devin had a great time for his birthday! Hope your daughter has a great time for her birthday as well. :) Glad y'all had a nice Thanksgiving!


  3. I know what you mean. I visited my nephews over Thanksgiving, and some of them are taller than me now. I don't see how this can be. Seems I was just visiting them in the hospital when they were born.

  4. aw, birthdays are always fun! I'll bet he was loving that bike! That hockey birthday cake is adorable. I love homemade cakes...they're the best!