Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

Not to be rushing Thanksgiving out the door. .but much of my decoration is Halloweenish.  So the last couple of weeks have found me slowly unpacking my beloved snowmen and bright Christmas decorations. .to transform my house from
THIS. . .
to THIS!!
I love, LOVE decorating for winter and Christmas. .and have been collecting snowmen for years. 
I also am a little partial to bling and bright red berries. So I incorporate a lot of Hobby Lobby picks and greenery into the mix. The results always make me smile.
Last year I found these two antique stockings in an antique store in my hometown while shopping for my sister in law over Thanksgiving break.  I really LOVE the snow-guy with the worn fuzz!
And while most of my things are snowmen (which I can leave out until February/March), I do have a very small whimsical Santa collection.  They are housed in my bathroom this year.  No room goes untouched around here!! Yesterday I finished my big Christmas tree.  But not without a little drama!!
It is 12 years old.  I have said for the last few years that I am gonna get a new one.  The branches are falling apart. .some branches are no longer marked. .it has a "lean" to it. .stringing the lights make me lose character.  I looked at new trees Thursday while Christmas shopping with my girlfriends.  Nah. .I can make it another year.  The sucker fell over yesterday while I was getting the lights on! We put it up Sunday night. I broke it, but thought we could wing it (Jeremy was at a Bible study, so I didn't have his opinion). I TOLD him it was broke when he got home. "Looked alright to him." Hmmpf! Decided yesterday morning that it stood up all night, so we're probably good to go.  Started stringing lights after Cam was tucked in bed for her nap. BAM!! Over she went.  I stood it back up, reset the pole, and pleaded with it to stay. .I DIDN'T have time for this!! No luck.  Went back to my bedroom. Opened a top door in my closet. Yup--there it was--an old base for a real tree. Great!! I single handedly moved my put together tree from one base to the other--screwed the metal things into the pole. Great--that will work. Moved the sucker back against the wall. CRASH!! Out the back door I flew on my broom. .headed for the shop.  Nearly taking the door off the hinges, I flew right on into the shop. .only to be greeted by one of my husband's 90 year old little customers. Enter sweet smile and dripping voice, witch hat transforming into a halo.  Grateful for the opportunity to simmer down before I finally got to talk to Jeremy about my tree. Thankfully, in his true gentleman fashion. .he was able to save the damsel in distress by welding her tree base back together!!
"My hero."
The end!!
There's NO place like home!! Have a blessed week!


  1. Sounds like a new tree next year! Watch for those sales. Glad your hero could save it for now. Did you get it decorated? I love your tablescape with the oil lamp. Very nice. I'm thinking of leaving my little snowmen collection out into February this year too. The house just looks too bare after Christmas decorations come down--not that I don't appreciate a clean slate for the new year.

    BTW--I have the same Hobby Lobby orange paper strip pumpkins as on your bottom shelf! :-)

  2. Should have sent money with Dan the Man...he could have fit a new one in the truck with my oven! ;-)
    I'm digging my snowmen out this weekend. Danny will be THRILLED. HA!
    Tis the season! LOVE IT!

  3. Your story sounds like my house 2 years ago, when my 10 year old tree fell over after I had it completely decorated and I GOT A NEW TREE!!!! Love not having to string lights. Wish I had mine up, but having company Thursday, so need to actually wait this year.


  4. Now it's all set for next year too? :)

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!! I can't believe that tree story! When you wrote that it kept falling over...my mouth was wide open saying "aaahhh!" I would have been sooooo frustrated and probably would have thrown in the fire pit outside! omg!! ok so seriously...you need to be checking out those after Christmas sales when the trees get down to 75% off.
    I haven't put up ANY Christmas decoration yet...not to say that I won't...but seriously, I was thinking today that I haven't even got my terra cotta turkeys out of the basement for my table yet. I love all of your snowmen! That's an awesome collection!

  6. Yeah, I think I would have given that tree the heave ho.

  7. I have a tree for sale if you need one...and I will make you a great deal! It is too big for this house and I am tired of moving it to get to the other Christmas decorations I want. I have a snowman collection too and I put it up on Sunday. When the kids saw it they said, "Where is baby Jesus?" I had put the snowman where I usually put the nativity scene, LOL! All they want to know is when baby Jesus is going to get here!!

  8. LOL laughing at your temper, cuz I can so relate. Inanimate objects shouldn't be that hard to manipulate! I'm so glad hubby came to the rescue for ya. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  9. Getting quite a "visual" of everything going on as I read this! LOL :)

  10. Now that tree story brought the biggest smile to my face! I so can see that at my house too. Good thing you married superman! (P.S. you really are a cute couple)DJ