Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Photos Deluxe

I know that Halloween is so yesterday now, but I just couldn't resist showing some of our fun party pictures.
Sometimes we just have to put the parents to work on our relay teams.  The kids truly enjoy watching them do the events too! This was our balloon relay.  One must take their stuffed balloon to the end of the course and sit on the balloon to pop it, retrieve their treat, and run back to the line.  Not sure that the nurse actually sat on his, but he did get pretty close to the ground before taking off for the line.  However, you will see that Sara made it to the ground. .and was still able to get up quite quickly to make it back to her spot!
Here's one of the all time favorite events. .the worm eating contest.
We used to do it seated at the table. .4 kids racing each other to find and eat the "worms" hidden beneath the pile of whipped topping.  The caveat was that they couldn't use their hands. .mouths only.  A few years ago we put a little twist on the game.
Each kid picked a partner and then proceeded to be "wheel-barrowed" down to the plate of worms.  Still not being able to use their hands, they ended up with faces that looked a little bit like. .
THIS. .Go Micaela!
This year we tried a new relay in which they had to walk like Frankenstein to the turning point and back as fast as they could.  It worked fair. I'll do some more thinking about how to improve that game if we use it again.
Contrary to what this photo looks like (when I pulled it up I initially thought it looked like the nurse was relieving her bladder. .but it was the just the back lash of the punkin launcher.  I had to show it, because I loved the way J and Roy were watching the punkin fly through the sky.
We found a water balloon launcher a couple years ago in a water sports catalog. It has worked perfectly for launchin' little gourds.  I believe that some of the punkin's launched across the highway this year, which is probably about 75 yards out.  The kids (and the guys running it) always have a blast with that game!  Our launcher went to school this week too, to use at the kids' reading party. You might notice Shelly in the background of the above photo (right behind the guy in the orange shirt). She came as a water skiier wearing her wet suit and life jacket! Great costume!
The little guys are never too impressed by eating worms with their faces, so we try to do some other games with them. Cami was doing a candy toss.  They are each given candy to throw at the cauldron--throwing it until they make a basket. Then they get to choose a treat.
Easton had it figured out. .he just walked up to the cauldron and dropped his candy in.  Kids are so smart aren't they??
It's not easy being green!! And Natalie was SO gracious to take a "friend in need" photo with yours truly! I have to admit that I was finishing my makeup when Cami came in as she was getting up from her nap.  She looked at me and I could literally see her eyes get bigger.  She looked for a bit and said "Mom, that looks REALLY bad. .take it off!!"
I did find a little leftover green paint on the medial side of my upper arm Monday when I went to donate blood. .so I felt obligated to explain it to the phlebotomist!! A bit embarrassing!
Here's our group of spooks!! A few of them wouldn't stay still long enough to be in the photo. .and I have another picture with at least three little kids headed out of it.
Eating is always the best part!! We had a long table full of fun goodies!! And I always appreciate the moms who help out with serving and getting things ready!
Kids are all quiet with their mouths full. .so it's time for the big kids to do some tasting!
Kids scatter everywhere with their goodies.  Both decks are usually full as is the living room. This year some landed on the trampoline and the near the basketball goal.  I LOVE a full house! Not sure if that relates back to my childhood. .but it gives me a great feeling to have lots of happy, satisfied people around! These pictures of contented people enjoying each other are my favorites!
And a lone army guy sits by my pond, enjoying the weather and the fish!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. .I suppose because it is just fun. I'm thankful that we enjoyed beautiful weather, good friendships, wonderful food, and a safe time.


  1. This was the most fun we have had at halloween in a long time! Thank you so much for inviting us!!!

  2. Well, I know where I'm going for Halloween next year! This looks like so much fun! Love the nurse costume, oh my goodness. Those legs! ha ha ha

  3. Again, a GREAT time!! Loved seeing your pond in person! Love it!
    Cami doesn't look too sure in the last picture! ;-)

  4. wow! awesome party! you guys did a lot!! and all that food! yum!