Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Scenery

I just couldn't help myself from my last post--but these pictures were the ones that I really intended to post!! The weather was delightful Friday and Saturday. It was nice to use the swing set and wander through the flower beds "poking around." The highlight of the younger boys' weekend was getting the go carts running. That seems to be a perpetual feat. The one pictured above got ran through the mud last fall and was drug into the back yard to be cleaned up. You can see that never happened. Look really close at their feet and you will notice the mud is so thick that it cracks!!

J sprayed all kinds of stuff in different orifaces to try and get it going. Even Cami was wondering what was taking SOOOO long. Now, I'm not much of a wrench head, but even I knew that the dirt that came careening out of the motor the first time it started wasn't really supposed to be there!!

D was sure thrilled to be able to drive his cart around a few times before it got too cold!! Cami doesn't get to ride with him very often, but his is a two seater and it has seat belts that work, so she goes sometimes. She loves it!

Grant's was easier to fix, so he took C with him for a while. After J had all the go cart's moving, we decided to go for a short cruise in the ole' A. We all hit the end of the drive at the same time and looked much like an odd little parade heading back to the shop.

When it was my turn for J's attention, he helped me put up the cool birdhouse that D made for me (with the help of Pastor Doug) at kid's club. It is a little hard to see the birdhouse but I couldn't resist the beautiful sky in the background. If you look really close you will notice four openings in the log. It is screwed onto a huge hedge post and is wired to the regular fencing fence post. I think it looks very stately--and D is quite proud of it!
Valentine's day was enjoyable. We had 4-H Sunday at a different church and then lunch with the club at the pizza joint. After a short trip to the nursing home to deliver Valentine's we went home and just hung out. I am enjoying "just hanging out" much more than I thought I would. All the kids were home and we had no extra ones (that is getting really common--T was at a friends house Fri/Sat and G had one over--they tend to swap weekends--I guess we will be getting much better acquainted with kids over the next few years.
I traditionally fix a really nice supper on Valentine's day for my guys (and now my girl, too!)--since I can remember, really. So this year was no different. We thawed some shrimp that we get from a friend on the coast. We also ALWAYS have sparkling grape juice for little valentines and the real deal for the big Valentine!! G started asking a week ago if I had the "kid's wine" (I think he has been cursed with my OCD!) And of course, always end the meal with J's chocolate truffle valentine pie. It is made of chocolate chips and real whipping cream--a little sugar and thats it--Yum-And rich enough to last us till next year!! Next holiday. . . EASTER! unless you count President's day (which my sister would) and Saint Patrick's day--but they don't sell special chocolate for those, so WE don't count them!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! J had TONS of fun. Thanks for putting up with him. We weren't even out of your driveway yet and he was telling me all the reasons we should move to the country! =)
    Tell D I love his birdhouse!

  2. We state employees aren't quite as spoiled as you think. We don't get Presidents Day, so I don't count that as a holiday either. We sure could have used some of that nice weather. We got more dreaded snow instead.