Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Score--Boys 8, Girls 4

This weekend we headed for the folks' to meet up with this new little guy. Born last week to my brother and his wife, we were glad to meet Mr. Ryder James in person. Is he not the cutest little guy?? So Grandma's new score is 8 boys and only 4 little girls! And for those of you that don't know my family well--Tristan is the oldest of those 12 grandkids--and he is 13!! There's quite a noise factor going on in that house when everyone is present!! And everyone was present for supper Saturday evening! The older boys are learning to play Texas hold-em and enjoy playing that with Papa Don and their uncles! The 3 older girls had a great time playing together this weekend too. Cami is just now really able to keep up with Haley and Taryn, and stuck to them like glue. Papa was heard to speak out loud (a little sarcastically if you ask me) "Oh, I'm so glad we finally got those four quiet little girls!!" At that point in time, I believe they were all running and screaming as they went. We made an attempt Saturday to take the big kids to the pool for a while before supper. However, someone had puked IN the pool right before our arrival, so they closed it for the rest of the day. Talk about 5 bummed out boys!

At any rate, the kids enjoyed each other, and the adults enjoyed visiting too. There never seems to be a dull moment around that place! I promised Brendan that I would put this picture on my blog. . .and I couldn't let him down. I had just gotten Ryder focused in my camera with his mama looking down so sweetly at him and noticed Mr. Cheesy over her shoulder. . .being himself mostly! There is also NEVER a lack of laughter there either!!
So with the addition of ONE more grandbaby. . .
we celebrate the many photo opportunities ahead of us. . .

. . . to get good quality group photos

without anyone throwing a fit

or crawling out of the photo, only to be forcibly placed back IN the photo

without anyone throwing a fit. . .Oh, did I say that already? OK. .
Or having their mother join them in the group photo!

Heaven help us!! WE GIVE UP!!
But we're happy to have little Ryder join us anyway!
(By the way--those ARE our best grandchildren pictures:-)


  1. Good times!!! Loved the grandchildren pictures. What's with my kids in that last picture? They must get that from their dad.


  2. So cute! Newborns are precious. :)

  3. Those are some priceless pics! LOVE THEM!! =)

  4. Wow! Those pics are great! Do you think that Ryder will be anything like his dad??