Sunday, February 7, 2010

4-H Day

Oh my, oh my--what a HUGE mess I have had in my house. We got the new office set Thursday, and I have spent the last 4 days trying to clear the path!! I finally got pictures up on the wall last night, and the top of the desk mostly cleared out tonight--so now I have time to blog. I don't have pictures taken yet, but plan to do that tomorrow. I am IN LOVE. There is now a ton of room for me to clutter up with papers, mail, and "to-do" junk. One more list of organizational tools to purchase from my friendly Walmart store, and then we'll be set. Just let them TRY to lose something here!!

Here is a quick back track to last Thursday night when the boys performed at the county 4-H day.

T did an illustrated talk on hunter safety. He has really been struggling with school the last few weeks, so for him to have nearly memorized his talk was a big feat!! This mama was pretty proud of him. He was a little nervous, but was able to look up at the judge this year and talk TO her. I could tell that he was having to improvise on the words at times, which was great to watch him think on his feet. He got top blue and will get to go on to regionals in March.

G did an illustrated talk on photography tips he learned in his first year in the project. He had given the talk once for the club last fall, so it wasn't new to him. He also had much of it memorized. He didn't look as nervous as T was, and he also got a top blue--getting to go on to regionals. Hopefully we can get him to slow down just a little bit. Wish you could see that picture of Cami-it was so cute--I should try to download it to my computer and post it--it got a purple ribbon at the State fair this past year.

This is the first year that either of the boys has taken a talk to the regional contest. I am probably much more excited than they are! The experience is great for them, though they would argue right now--I hope they will see the benefit later!!

The sixth graders in our club--which consists of the 3 kids above did a band ensemble too. They sounded pretty good, and they seem to enjoy playing together. They also received a top blue and will play in March again. T's group has gotten to go the last 2 years, and always do well. They didn't quite get it all together this year, and didn't play anything at 4-H day.

Grant played the trap set at the school that night, but will be playing only his snare at regionals, because I refuse to haul his trap up there!! I'm sure it will be fine. He is a pretty good little drummer, and really enjoys to play and practice!

Here's Kayla and Jake--who play sax and trombone.
We will look forward to going in March--regionals are only 40 minutes away instead of 2 hours as it has been the last few years! Not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but we are also looking forward to going to the Wichita garden show in March as part of the photography judging class. They will have a number of seminars for the kids, and then will have some time after it closes to shoot pictures without the public viewers. One of my favorite spring kick off activities is a few hours roaming around in Century Two checking out the gardens. I am pretty pumped to be able to watch the kids see how incredible the whole thing is. Lots of exciting things coming up in the near future! Check back in a few days to see the office makeover!!


  1. I wish I could have gotten to go. Oh well! I get to go to regionals at least.
    ALMOST got D talked into the garden show!! Had to talk a lot about all the manly toys that will be there. He's about to cave. hehe

  2. That's great to hear about your kids' 4-H activities - good job!

    Looking forward to the office picture. :)

    I'm looking forward to spring - it's not THAT far off. Enjoy the garden show!