Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Office Re-do

Well, I must say that as I posted the "before" picture of how our front room/office area looked 2 weeks ago, I was mortified. I told J last night after I uploaded the pictures that I was even embarrassed to put them on my post. How funny and cluttered the room looked--and the mess on top of each surface is a pretty typical mess! So there you have it--the OLD room!! Wow, do I love the NEW room much better! You'll notice the old computer desk (the one in the back corner) is set into an alcove--which proved to be a nightmare for me. I had always intended that an L shaped unit was what I needed to make the space work. I had pictured the L extending down each wall. As I looked, I wasn't able to find anything that would fit into the alcove!! The closest fit was 10 inches too long. So I changed the way that I looked at things as I saw what was available and re-formatted it in my mind. I still ended up purchasing the first thing I had seen, the one that was 10 inches the wrong fit. So check out below how it worked out!!

Much less clutter now. That old Hoosier cabinet went to an open spot in the back room.

The small filing cabinet fits perfectly back in the little alcove, and it is the perfect place to hang some of my favorite black and white pictures.

Here is my small and humble, but beloved collection of antique first aid kits and medical "stuff." I enjoyed checking the dates of the books again as I re-arranged them. I have a very small memorandum type medical book with beautiful handwriting in dated 1898. Also up there is a little glass urine specimen jar, an old glass jar labeled vitamins, several old medical books written in the early 1900's, and a box of medical gauze. The greenery got robbed from other places in my house. I love plants and greenery, but can't keep stuff alive at the top of my cabinets.

I got this frame from the hospital staff for Christmas. I chose some of my favorite family pictures and had them printed in black and white--I love York photo online to do all those cool things!

Here is the back room. It was the first of our major house projects. We added on this large room which included a second bathroom when Tristan was in preschool (I remember this because he told his busdriver--who asked what we were building when the foundation was poured--that it was a bathroom--the biggest bathroom that busdriver had ever seen :-) Anyway, the washer and dryer got moved to this room out of our old bathroom. They are to the left. As well as freezer space, a large pantry cupboard, huge closet and a wonderful cleaning closet. It is a multipurpose room for sure!!! The old school desk got moved and in comes. . .

. . . The first piece of furniture I purchased after we got married. I was looking for something like that and wandered into the local furniture store (the same one that brought my new office to me last week). He advised me that he didn't sell anything like what I wanted, but showed me an auction listing that had this little beauty in it. Since I had to work that weekend, I called in with a bid and won!! We drove to Great Bend that night to pick it up. Jeremy wanted to throw it into the canyon last week, but I just couldn't let him do it!!

I enjoyed robbing my kitchen of the items I now have in it!! Aside from the big book in there, the smaller cookbooks belonged to J's great grandma, and are the cutest little things! The Cain's coffee tin was from my grandma's house when they had their auction a few years ago. The cracker jack tin (which is one of my favorites) was bought a last year at the city wide garage sale for 50 cents! Well, there you have it!! What did you think??


  1. Looks good!!! Can't wait to see it in person.


  2. Oh yeah, I like your new page set-up. Getting pretty fancy aren't you? :)


  3. I really like your new office things, and other various fixing up you did. Love the Hoosier cabinet!

  4. Looks really nice. I like that Mission style desk.