Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things That Make You Go HMMMMMM

Beautiful weather we have had here the last couple days!! We all enjoyed getting out and around in the yard today. The kids rode their bikes and hunted "stuff" with their BB guns. J had his shop doors open and worked on his Model A for a while and then helped the boys get their go-carts up and running. And me?? I wandered around looking for any sign of spring or life that I could find. . . what I really found though, was why we never seem to have enough clean eating utensils!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. I do that too!!! Except my boys usually take my good pots and pans out. UGH.
    Your cookies look beautiful!

  2. Was going to ask you to bring me home some of those cookies... then I thought "Hmmmm. Look where she keeps her dishes." Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.

  3. Do you ever find frozen jugs of muddy water in your freezer? Luckily, my kids just steal our plastic recycling for their concoctions which then end up in my freezer for some reason.


  4. Kris, I have never found jugs of muddy water, but I do frequently find egg cartons filled with some type of liquid--haven't actually been brave enough to figure out waht it is--and I would have to let Devin know that I found it--so I don't ask him either. Oh, and recently, there was a small bag of frozen, dead, aquatic crabs in there!! :-)