Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

So I'm a little late in getting my pictures posted, but better late than never! We had a great Thanksgiving weekend!! It was the first time in years that we have traveled straight through without stopping!! Except for one little bathroom break. On the way home, we found out that Cami will pee anywhere, including in the dark on the side of a highway! Her dad has been training her to pee on the floor in the back of the shop if he has her out there when he is working--poor little princess--doesn't stand a chance!!

The cousins had a blast playing. Grandma had a new pop-up book that they were pretty interested in. The thing about Grandma working in a library--she has no lack of very COOL books to read at her house--the kids all enjoy that. Papa also gave rides on the ranger. We piled the little girls in and covered them up--just like an amusement park here!! My big boys especially enjoy getting to drive the ranger, and Tris is getting be a help, as I understand, he is periodically allowed to take it by himself and help pick up the guys and run errands for them!
Mom, Kristi, and I did a little black friday shopping--mostly Walmart, but also a few specialty stores as well. My Christmas shopping is nearly complete--YAY!! Now all the wrapping begins.
Friday night we made peppernuts--an old Czech recipe (right mom??) We used to make them every year when we were kids, and the recipe came from my maternal grandma. I haven't eaten them for YEARS--like 20 or so. They are a tiny little cookie (so we made like a million). They weren't as nasty tasting as I remember, but I thought the experience with the kids would be fun. It was. The little girls were hysterical to watch and listen to. And everyone wanted to do the "big people job" which was rolling out the dough into little "snakes" and chopping off the little cookies. Everyone got to take a huge bag home. You can see that huge bowl above with the big mound of dough I'm holding. That recipe called for a 5 pound sack of flour! Also has strange stuff like anise and black pepper in it. Not too bad.

The boys are getting pretty proficient at Texas Hold'em (or hold' up if you are Devin). And anyone can play. Papa didn't fall far from the tree of his dad--I remember Grandpa ALWAYS telling us how we should have played the cards or how we could have played the cards. Papa sets the kids straight and I know they will learn the tricks and be good card sharks.
We also enjoyed the pool Friday afternoon. The kids love to go to the indoor pool there. Kristi and I talked the guys into going with us, so we played Scattergories while the kids swam--fun for all of us!
So after MANY good meals with TOO much delicious food and drinks, we parted ways until Christmas. Each gathering seems to get more animated. One of my favorite memories of my paternal grandparent gatherings was the noise. They had six kids and 13 grandkids and when we all got together it was LOUD!! The grown ups were all sitting around card tables playing pitch and the kids were all running like wild indians everywhere (but upstairs). Our gatherings are getting to be a little more like that each time we meet up!! You can hardly hear yourself talk, let alone think--just the way I like it!! The Christmas crunch is on now; shopping is nearly done, made Christmas cards last night (via, wrapping is started, baking is yet to come (my favorite part!) Cami turns 2 this weekend, stay tuned for her birthday pictures!


  1. Ahh, good times! I remember playing dodgeball in grandma and grandpa's basement with the hardest old plastic toys we could fine. We are about out of peppernuts, can you make us some more in the next two weeks?

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  4. BAHAHAHA! Nope once every 15 years is enough for me. Tell ya what, maybe we can do it again with our grandkids! Actually it was fun for me, and the kids seemed to like it too, just don't want to make them by myself--you can surely see why it might get a little monotonous!! See ya soon.

  5. That is a big ball of dough!!
    I love the pic of the boys at the table!!
    I can't believe your almost done shopping. I have several bought and a couple that should arrive any day now...internet shopping is my friend this year!