Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look Who's 7

I have really missed writing over the last couple weeks. Somehow our lives have just been spiraling in that out-of-control sort of way that reminds me consistently why have chosen to decrease my work hours! We have been involved in a lot of things, and I hope to be able to make a post about the 4-H achievement night last week, but for now I choose to carry on with something much more important than that, and skip to what is truly a BIG deal!!

Dev has been impatiently waiting for over 2 weeks now for this day!! It was going to be the best day ever--and so he tells me tonight that it HAS been the greatest day ever--although he didn't get anything truly fancy and great, he went to daycare, and even had to forgo homemade goodies for HONEY BUNS as his treat today (what a great mom?? In my defense, we made cupcakes for school on Sunday, and I thought he was staying home today--he let me in on the secret last night!)--I have wondered so many times in the last few weeks where the magic of a birthday goes?? I am just so amazed at their excitement in it all.

D usually gets to have his birthday celebration on Thanksgiving (yes we actually eat pie AND cake). Since we are going to the folks for a Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday, we had his party on Monday night after school and work. He requested tacos for supper and we enjoyed a basketball cake that his great grandma made (she has made all of our birthday cakes since we got married, with the exception of one football cake that I made for Grant when she was hospitalized after a surgery--he was SURE that I would never be able to carry that feat out--another story for another day)

In the picture above, he was excited to find some money--so he can shop--my boys like to shop! Grandma always brings a little something for the other kids too, so they get into the action.
Today he got to open his present from us--a new OU t-shirt (just like he had asked for--WOW!) and some little remote control cars, complete with chalk and cones so he can race them with his dad or brothers. Cami thinks the cars are mean, but chases after them just the same. Cami just LOVED her new doll baby complete with a baby bottle to feed her--there's another expression of pure excitement and delight!! Kids are truly amazing little creatures aren't they!!

Dev is looking forward to the trip to his other grandmas house tomorrow (mostly for more presents, but also because he misses everyone). We are all looking forward to a day set aside especially to be thankful for our abundant blessings--and we are ABUNDANTLY blessed. We are wishing everyone a yummy, food-filled, laughter-filled, ABUNDANTLY blessed day.


  1. We'll be in Marion too...have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. Happy Birthday, D!! I can't believe he's 7! Even more shocking, I can't believe Little Miss is going to be 2!
    Dan and I were talking about our boys last night and their birthdays. I thought T was going to be nine and I actually had to stop and think for a minute before I sadly realized he is going to be 10 this year. They might drive me crazy, but it would be nice to have a pause button sometimes. It goes by so fast.