Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Update

Hope everyone is well! Things are great here. We have been so busy enjoying the BEAUTIFUL fall weather, that I have neglected writing for a bit. Halloween night was the epitomy of trick or treat weather! Cami loved it! She would say so demurely "Tick o teat" and then with out missing a beat followed it with "Sank, yooooou" and then the bucket went to the ground and she would make an attempt to retrieve whatever just went in. . . just to test it I suppose! I was blessed to be able to trick with them all evening and got called about 30 seconds after we got to Granny's house, our last stop of the evening!

Here's the latest scoop on everyone at our house.

Cami--talks constantly. New phrase "Shut up, wee-tawrd" Angelic, huh?? The boys just clamp their mouths shut and look at the floor. Is wearing princess panties daily, pees in them occasionally, poops in them only when she can't hold it in any longer--why do children decide that a generally easy task will be such a traumatic ordeal?? We're making headway though! Suddenly has discovered the magic of television. Favorite show: Dora the Explorer. New song: D-D-D-D-D-Dora. (I cracked up the first time I heard her sing that!! sounds like she is stuttering) She has become a tease at daycare. Taunting the little boys daily (that estrogen stuff works as early as the testosterone--you know "I can't FIND it" "Move something!!" "OH") Getting ready to turn 2 in less than a month!

Devin--Learning to read. Pretty good speller. Still likes school. Picked his first 4-H projects yesterday--he chose foods, woodworking, geology, and archery (if there is no age limit) Attended his first cooking meeting a couple of weeks ago--attention span was pretty much that of a 6 year old! He likes to help in the kitchen. Is learning how to work for a commission. Quite proud of himself when he gets that money every week. Can make his sister scream loud enough to break glass (that can be a good or bad scream--they all sound alike) Sang his first solo in church a month ago or so--actually looked out at the crowd while he did (YAY--I finally got one that likes singing as much as I do!!) Can hardly stand the wait till his 7th birthday in 2 weeks.

Grant--Could hardly wait for BB practice to start--now thinks he stinks so bad, can hardly wait for it to end. First game is Thursday night, there is a C team so he will get to play. Elected recreation leader again this year at 4-H. Designed the winning T-shirt for our 4-H club this year. Gave his talk last night at our meeting about photography tips. Also performed for music appreciation with 2 kids in his class. He and another girl will play music next weekend for the offeratory at church. LOVES our new youth group. Is challenging kids at school with things they are learning. Has been searching ebay for ideas on the car he wants to buy (he doesn't care that he doesn't have a license yet--I have already used that!) He's trying to save his money to buy one. Getting ornerier, but developing a sweetness too! Loving school, getting pretty good grades.

Tristan--Loved football. Got to play quite a bit, looking forward to next year. BB is seemingly going well. He is still behind the kids who have played peewee ball for the last 4-5 years. He gets to suit up for the varsity tourney tonight. First real game for him is Thursday night. Is "in" to cologne. You can generally smell him coming before you can see him--we explain that girls won't talk to him if they can't breathe in his presence--he informs US that THEY think he smells AWESOME (GAG!!) He is totally into girls. He is NOT into grades or school--and is currently thinking he will attend trade school so he can be done quickly. He does not like physical labor, so we keep telling him he better get BETTER grades. He enjoyed playing pep band for high school FB games. He is also shopping ebay fervently to locate a car--he also is oblivious to the fact that you NEED a license to USE the car. No one listens to their mother here!

Jeremy--He FINALLY got the model A running and has been giving people rides--you can't really have a conversation while cruising, but he thinks he can make that better--Mom, he needs earplugs for Christmas!! He reports that WAY more people wave at him now that he drives a COOL car! He has taken the boys to cut firewood twice for our new outdoor wood furnace. Is very pleased with the way it is working. Got out the bows last weekend and did some target shooting, also helped Dev and Tristan shoot their guns-they also got to shoot his pistol (me too) and were thrilled. He had an endoscopy last Friday. He thought the Versed was a "hell of a drunk" and wondered how he might procure some for home administration in the event of a "shitty" day. I thought that the whole "versed thing" was overrated from my viewpoint, and had to remind him how he got his clothes back on. He didn't care. The test showed some small ulcers in his stomach either from excess bile or the meds he was taking at home to treat the chest pain. No explanation for the chest pain though, other than his constant leaning over under the car hoods and pulling and pushing on stuff. We briefly discussed the fact that he may have to change occupations one of these days.

Melanie--counting down days till my full time status changes. Finding myself very anxious and worried about the whole situation. But excited nonetheless. Enjoying greatly the Dave Ramsey financial peace class--I highly recommend that everyone take the class if it is ever in your neighborhood, young or old, in debt or not--he has FANTASTIC points and advice. I have worked up a cash flow plan (sounds much cooler than a B-U-D-G-E-T) for 2 months in a row. That, coupled with our current Sunday school lessons on attitudes, specifically coveteousness and contentment--is making my upcoming girls weekend Christmas shopping expedition look a little glum. However, advised my husband, the nerd, that since I HAVE no debt, AND I still work full time, I WILL have a fun time shopping and will probably come home with something that I did NOT need, period. Loving the greenhouse--will get pictures soon, tomato plants are getting big, onions have sprouted, lettuce is looking yum-licious. Busy with 4-H club. Started cooking meetings a few weeks ago and have planned a cookie exchange in December--we had a ball last year at the cookie exchange. The leadership aspect of the club is a lot of work because everyone else is SO busy that it really limits the help available to put things together. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Wicked production we saw a few weeks ago--everyone should go see a broadway musical at least once in their life!

So there you have it, everything this family has been up to the last couple months. I didn't realize how many changes and things take place around here. When you multiply that by six--it adds up. We are practicing Thankfulness in this fantastic season that is before us. Take time to count your blessings today!!


  1. Oh little Miss Cami. She's something I am thankful for this holiday season. Without her, I would only laugh 50 times a day instead of 100. ;-) She was singing some song on Noggin this morning, and doing this little hip/butt shake along with it, but I can't remember what song it was.
    I blogged again, by the way...I've been on a roll lately. It is DRIVING ME CRAZY that my posts are not coming up as updated though.

  2. Oh, just laughing, laughing at Cami's words! It's great catching up on what your family is doing. You are so busy you make ME look like a we-tawd. We have gone through Fin. Peace too but we've gotten lazy. I guess it's time to dust off the book again and rewrite that cash flow plan!