Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Letter

I'm not good enough to get the pictures into the real letter, so if you got a copy of the Christmas letter, just check the pictures out! Merry Christmas!

Greetings and happy holidays from our house to yours. We hope this Christmas wish finds everyone healthy and happy, and as always, we look forward to reading all of your family updates in your letters. Here’s our scoop.
Tristan—in the 7th grade. Loved football this year. Totally into girls and cologne—still doesn’t care if his hair is combed or his teeth are brushed. Getting tall, and is officially taller than Granny Jill. Enjoys playing trombone in the pep band—hates to practice or play the trombone in front of people. Became a teenager this past summer, acts like one most of the time. Attends a new junior high youth group at our church and remains active in 4-H. Got a purple ribbon at the state fair on the cookies he baked. Loves to hunt, but hasn’t gotten that 40 point buck that keeps chewing the bark off his mom’s new trees. Went to 4-H camp and church camp last summer and is impressed at the number of girls he can talk to when he goes to school events now! Maturing ever so slightly, but enough to give his parents hope. Overall, a good kid.

Grant—in the 6th grade. Loves junior high. Couldn’t wait for basketball season to start so he could be involved in sports, now that he has decided he sucks, can’t wait for the season to end and relieve him from his misery. Loves playing the drums and makes sure mom is constantly busy straightening her wall art after his trap set practice session. Is now officially taller than Granny Jill. Also likes girls, specifically one in particular. Spends many hours on ebay searching for THE right car or truck, despite the fact that he CAN NOT DRIVE. We had to teach him that just because there is only 1 hour left of the sale, they will NOT sell the 2009 corvette for $100; hard lesson. Also enjoys the youth group at church and 4-H activities. He and his older brother can both bake without the intervention of their mother, not always pretty, but usually edible. Got a purple ribbon at the state fair on a photo of his sister. Shot his first doe last year, no luck yet this year. Becoming quite responsible.

Devin—in the 1st grade. Learning to read. Missing teeth and resembles a jack-o-lantern, albeit a cute one. Very sweet spirited kid, usually. Loves his sister. Got to join 4-H this year, which was a BIG deal. Learning how to cook and feeling very grown-up. Loves to sing—in front of people even—did his first solo in church last fall, and loved every minute of it (much to the delight of his mom). Shot his first rabbit—got to eat it too. Seems that was his last rabbit as well. Can be seen walking through the yard with his bow and arrow or his BB gun waiting for something to look at him wrong. Attends after school kids club at church on Wednesday’s, which he enjoys. Not even close to being taller than Granny Jill (yet). No major accidents or injuries in over a year (last year had a bike wreck provoking a hernia surgery and then a broken finger requiring surgery to set). Growing too fast.

Camille—just celebrated 2nd birthday. Totally girl. Can scream in a tone capable of breaking double paned windows. Recently potty trained. Loves to read books, especially “Llama, Llama series AKA Yama, Yama) Also likes lining people out, her daycare provider is convinced that she will be a teacher. Likes gum and knows which people in church are willing to feed it to her. May be a miracle if she doesn’t have to have a gum ball surgically removed from her intestines. Eats periodically, likes popcorn. Figured out Dora the Explorer ROCKS. Loves her dad, especially loves her mom, intermittently likes her brothers, though not always on the same day. Loves music and dancing and men—which is VERY concerning to her parents. Brings us incredible delight regularly.

Jeremy—Old enough to know better. Not mellowing with age. Hair is lacking on his head, but he works out regularly and keeps a cute figure! Still the best mechanic in the surrounding areas. Loves CSI, House and any kind of football game (except for junior high FB). Enjoys archery and gun shooting. Took a conceal and carry fire arms class last year and has a cute little pistol that looks like a child’s toy. Finally finished rebuilding and restoring an old 1930 model A coupe—pleased with the speed too. Picks his guitar on a cold winter’s night—still refuses to accompany his wife in a church special. Can and will cook and clean more than most men we know. Attends a men’s Sunday school class and enjoys that socialization. Still finds himself in the middle of multiple home improvement projects. Celebrated 15 years of marriage with his incredible YOUNG bride that bore his 4 children.

Melanie—Older and better. Hairs turning gray at the speed of light—has become good friends with the hairdresser and feels good about sending her children to medical school. Finally resigned from her full time job. January 2010 will find her no longer answering the phone at 3 a.m., working holidays or weekends, or turning supper and baby over to a 13 year old in a rush. Gets to continue to keep her feet “wet” by working same clinic 1 ½ days a week and continues to do family planning clinic in Oklahoma 1 day per week. Continues full time volunteer responsibilities of 4-H leader, cooking leader, organizing and leading worship music for both kids groups, helping with worship music at church. Loves her yard and the multiple wildlife opportunities it holds (except for that 40 point buck chewing the bark off her new trees) Persuaded dear hubby to build a greenhouse for her which has real tomatoes on the vine as we speak. Started a blog to highlight the routine happenings at this wild and wonderful place we call home—Titled No Place Like Home—found at Regularly posts photos of kids, projects, and home with all the wonderfully funny stories associated with raising 4 children!! Drop in any time.

Hoping that you and your families will enjoy a healthy, happy, and blessed Christmas season and New Year—remember-- the reason for the season was born and died for each and every one of us to save us from our sins so that we will enjoy everlasting life in HIS kingdom!! Now that is a reason to rejoice and be glad in it!!

Blessings to all—Jeremy, Melanie, Tristan, Grant, Devin, and Camille


  1. The Llama Llama books are a HUGE hit at our house too! "Llama, Llama misses Momma" is wrapped under our tree for Molly. Llama, Llama Red Pajama is still our favorite! Have a Merry Christmas!