Sunday, December 6, 2009

Terrible (I mean TERRIFIC) TWO

Little miss turned 2 this weekend. What a fun time. Great-grandma made a totally pink princess cake that stole the show. Grandma Vickie helped her get close enough to see (and also close enough to sample a little tiny bit!!) We had a good turnout of all the grandmas, grandpas and greats, as well as uncle Joe from Houston. The present opening, was by far the favorite!! She just loved everything. We had to show her how to rip open paper in big chunks instead of little tufts of paper at a time. She savored each gift and was enthralled with them all!
She loved the new bedding she got from us. She has just had a little bedspread salvaged from a friend since moving to the big queen bed we had put in there for Tristan several months before she developed. I have been looking for quite a while trying to decide what to do with her room. She had a black and white toile crib set to work with the black border that we had painted in there with the silver and green baseball guy border. It had then turned into big pink hearts painted over the baseball stencils. I was hoping not to have to repaint the room this time either, so I was delighted to find this set on sale in Penney's. The sheet set was BRIGHT pink and makes her whole room look different. She let Papa Don and Grandma sleep in it last night, so tonight was her first night to try it out. She decided it was nice and warm!!

She also got a nice new tricycle. She was pretty pleased with that too, though not as pleased as her 7 year old brother, whom we can't keep away from it--neglected child, he never really had a trike--he learned to ride a 2 wheeled bike when he was 3 (without training wheels. . . NO KIDDING!) The trike will go to the garage to wait on nice sunny days and spring! I will really have to watch her or she'll be GONE!

She got lots of other fun things. . .like a princess story book that plays toddler songs, a new purple purse with lots of bling, glasses, and a cell phone that is nicer than mine--you'll see her all "decked out" in a picture below--thanks Aunt Kristi--and even a tea set--Tris is awaiting the tea party, which we didn't have time to do today--how old is HE?? Anyway, she just ran from present to present trying everything out, looking and playing. What a fun sight!

We had spent the first part of the weekend hosting D's friends for an overnight party. They had a ball--they were coat-ed up and outside by 9:30 am and it was only 10 degrees--I love it at this age when playing outdoors is more fun than playing on the computer!! They were some busy boys! We also fixed our cookies for the cookie exchange that we were hosting this weekend. That took us all afternoon and part of the evening. I have a post coming later this week dedicated to that!
The boys played in their BB tourney Sat and Grandma and Papa were able to come watch them. That means a lot to them!! They enjoyed the experience and the practice is always good, albeit a little painful for us to watch from the bench! Our last Dave Ramsey class was tonight, so that 13 week adventure is complete as well. Again, it was a FANTASTIC class-very light-hearted and educational--everyone should take it if they have the opportunity! This week finds me with no family planning clinics, so two days at home, hoping to get some Christmas goodie baking done--my favorite task of Christmas!! 19 more days till Christmas--be safe and savor the season!


  1. Oh my goodness! How cute!!!! Love her "decked out" pic.

  2. That is so cute! I can't wait to see her open her Christmas present, I thought it was cuter! Sounds like she had a good day! Can't believe they are both 2 already. Where did that time go?

  3. Don't you just LOOOOVE having a girl - that gets jewelry and bling and a princess cake? I got a kick out of the first picture, cause I swear I have a picture of that same kid in my own album from about, oh, 30-some years ago. ;)