Monday, December 14, 2009

Check. . . Check. . .Check

The shopping is DONE. . .Check

Christmas cards are MAILED. . . Check

The stockings are hung (poor C and her sad little unfinished sock!). . .

Packages are MOSTLY wrapped. . . Check minus
Goodies are made. . . Check, Check (and are in the process of being sampled by lucky persons everywhere!!)
Gift baskets and teacher gifts are started, but, alas--much work
yet to be done there--just not in the mood tonight! Check-minus, minus
I am enjoying the business of preparing for the holiday immensely--as usual. It is a magical kind of busy. Only 10 more days till Santa will make his whirlwind trip. Only 10 more days until you head to church for that Christmas Eve service only to wonder--what was THAT night truly like?? Was it clear and still with bright, beautiful starlight and a crisp bite in the air? The excitement of a new baby! What a wonderful and miraculous season!
The gift giving has begun and the parties are right around the corner. As for me and my house, we are prepared to enjoy every Christmas book I have collected and every Christmas movie we can find on TV. We are prepared to eat and share and eat some more of the gallons of Christmas cookies and candies and treats we have made. We are looking forward to the Christmas caroling, the church Christmas program and candlelight Christmas Eve service, the Christmas parties at work and at school, as well as another trip home to enjoy our families. I hope you all are taking a moment each day to reflect on the fun of the season and time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy the last few weeks of holiday carols, Christmas lights, and threatening your children that Santa will NOT come if they don't stop that RIGHT now :-)


  1. Hi Melanie! Yes a fellow blogger here. I started it almost a year ago to keep family and friends up to date. I was sending out tons of emails and people were still telling me they hadn't seen pics of the girls in awhile. So this works! My friend uses a company that prints her blog into a book . she does it every year and has one made for each of her girls and herself. Good Idea! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Your post made me cry this morning. (PMS? HAHA)I don't know why, but this Christmas just seems extra special.
    I am so behind and have LOTS to do this weekend. Hopefully I can get it all done!
    I think we are going to join you at the candle light service. Let me know what time!