Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly update

Well, everyone is settled into bed here to rest up for another week! Reflections from the past week.
We caught mouse number FOUR in my car. I sure do miss my little car. I have sworn not to drive it till it has been at least a week after the last mouse caught. I find it so hard to believe that a parade of them walked in thru the door left open by the boys that one fateful night! You can't convince me that there is not a little neon sign somewhere under the hood that is blinking at dusk with a big arrow pointed at some miniscule hole. I also can't fathom why this is such a big deal to me and J is not a bit concerned!! I have been driving J's new dodge pickup up, but today switched to the suburban--since he took the pickup.
J went to a conceal and carry gun class today. He enjoyed it--but it ran over time by about 2 hours. He says he has always wanted to take a class like that, so more power to him. He went with 3 friends. Sounded like a good day.
D and I have had lots of togetherness this weekend. J had to help cut meat at the conservation supper last night, so he took the older boys, who had to help clean tables off and practice manners and they went to town. D wanted corndogs, so we had a regular nasty supper of them. C liked hers too. Had to make pies for that too. So my theory is, no difference in making 2 or 4 of them. So sent two to town and we have been fiesting on chocolate cream and lemon meringue. Wow, did I mention my new exercise program starts this week after the cholesterol check tomorrow? It does.
G will be in the spelling bee this Thursday at school. T can't spell to save his life (got that naturally from his dad). He will have his friends over Sat for his bday party. Also has to practice music to play during the offering at church next Sunday.
T starts track practice after school starting tomorrow. he is pretty excited for that. Not sure I will get to make it to very many meets.
This community gets a choir together twice a year for a Christmas Cantata and an Easter Cantata. It is essentially just a presentation with narration and choir music--based on each story. I have been interested in trying it for the last 15 years that I have been here. I finally decided to make it work. That started today. They had a babysitter, so D and C went with me to that while the big boys had gone home with a friend after church. I think there will be about 20 or so people singing. It was good--i think I will like it! THe presentation will be performed the night before Easter. I am off that weekend, so it will work out well.
Well, think that about sums up our week. I get both Tues and Thurs off this week, no family planning clinic--so am excited. Oh, have seedlings coming up in the basement--so will mess with them and will tackle some other put-off projects. MaBina--is that Terri?? leave a comment if it is you! Hope everyone else has a good week. Love Me


  1. Remind me not to ride with you in your vehicle! MaBina is Terri. Saw her at church yesterday and she said she had read your blog. You can tell G that Blue's tumor was not cancer but Bren restitched it this morning cause he broke some stitches- so we get to start over! Yea!

  2. Tell me about it--I should be driving an old clunker that you would EXPECT to have mice in it! ARG!! Will tell G--he was asking about it the other day!! How did Terri find me? That's funny! Have a good one!