Monday, February 23, 2009

Tribute to Uncle Pete

Decided to make pizza for supper tonight. It now takes two pizzas to feed us. I had our regular turkey pepperoni but wanted to do 2 different kinds. Ever since we stopped for pizza at uncle Pete's several years ago and fiested on "surf and turf" (AKA steak and shrimp) pizza, and some kind of sausage pizza--not to mention the mac and cheese pizza, hot dog pizza, and the dessert pizza he fixed for the boys--I have thought about different combos each time I made them here. Everytime tho, it was the same--pepperoni, mushroom, black olive and maybe some hamburger or sausage. Well tonight I did it!! I had a brainstorm and made "a concoction!" On my pizza crust I spread a thin layer of light ranch dressing, then shredded BBQ beef. On top put some pimiento peppers (only because little C threw the jar the other day and popped the lid off) then slices of provolone cheese and colby/jack cheese (sliced for sandwiches) then sprinkled a little more beef then drizzled with ranch dressing. VOILA!! She has imagination. G said "this is odd. . . not a bad odd--actually pretty good. J said "HMMM, interesting, but pretty good. Really good, in fact." It was good, if I do say so myself. . . And I did doubt myself as I threw it into the oven. Uncle Pete---Here's to you!! Love M


  1. Pizza Hut called. They are hiring pizza designers. Want another job to add to your many others?

  2. Back to your mouse story, I had a car once that we caught 6 mice in, mainly because one of them had babies. Good luck with yours though. :)