Monday, February 16, 2009

Day of the speeches

Well, we survived 4-H club day. The boys have really been working pretty hard on their stuff for club day. T did a demonstration on making peanut banana muffins (in the cookbook girls). He did a good job and really had most of it memorized. He got a little obsessive on filling in the muffin cups with the mixture and talked himself right on thru the end before he realized that he was supposed to stop and show his real muffins. He was so much better than last year! Got a blue ribbon. He was also in a small ensemble of 6th graders (all girls) and they played a couple of pieces. They got top blue and so get to perform at Regional 4-H day in March. He was pumped! G did a talk on the top 10 reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables. He was visibly more nervous than T and i had to tell him later that when he messed up he shouldn't say "oh wait a minute" he should recompose and go on. He also spent a lot of finger energy messing with his little sticker things for his poster. He also had a lot memorized and got a blue ribbon. His ensemble of 3 5th graders got a blue ribbon also. They were well pleased. Tonight I went over to Jen's sorority and gave a little talk on fast food restaurant choices. They were a fun group and very interactive, which is always easier for me to speak to, instead of just lecturing. After the presentation we indulged in chocolate cake, and didn't feel a bit guilty! YUM! Well, am looking forward to my whole day off tomorrow with NOTHING to do. Might make cookies, might not. Need to clean some stuff up, we'll see. Hope everyone has a great day. M

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  1. Sounds like a good day! You'll have to check out my blog and see my day with Alien and friends for his birthday. I'm working the next three nights so hopefully I'll only just talk to you and not call you in!