Friday, February 6, 2009

Is this crazy?!?

Ok, a friend got me interested in trying this so I decided to give it a whirl. My hope is to get my family and friends involved in the effort to keep up better with the day to day activities of everyone's lives. we'll see how that works. I don't have a lot of time to spend doing this but hope to blog once a week to give the highlights from our home. So here goes!
T went to dentist this week and got some type of "chain wire" put on his braces. His mouth has been very sore. Dr says his teeth are coming along great and he may be able to get them off this summer--so that is great since they only put them on last summer. The dental assistant was sure that he has grown 3 inches in the last month--that would explain why all of his shirts are too short! New clothes is definitely on my shopping list for him!
G is headed to a college BB game tomorrow for a birthday party. He is excited. He has started worrying about having to go to church camp this summer. GOOD GRIEF!! He's wondering why he misses me so much when he spends the night somewhere else! AHA--now we know why he had to come home early last summer. I told him that I refused to discuss it again until at least June. He's trying to decide what he needs for his birthday. Won't be long!
D went to his first overnight birthday party last weekend. sounds like they had fun, but he was crabby when they got home!! He seems to need a lot of sleep and does really good if we can get him to bed by 8 on school nights. By the end of the week tho, he is still worn out.
C is finally feeling better for the first time in a couple weeks. D had upper respiratory infection and shared it with C,who shared it with everyone else. She had to have breathing treatments thru the weekend. Guess the RSV did affect her lungs for the long term--this is the 2nd URI that has caused her wheezing to the need of breathing treatments. YUCK. She is trying to get some more teeth--she still only has the same 6 teeth that she got in August!! Unbelievable. She is really starting to say her own version of lots of words. One of the little girls at daycare was excited last week because C said her name (even though it was preceeded by NO!) She is totally silly! Still likes to dance anytime she hears music.
J has been busy. Am wondering what the economy has in store for his business tho. Not in how much work he has to do, but in everyone else's ability to pay the bill. I think that some layoffs have happened already here and production has slowed down for local equipment manufacturer. He's dreaming about racing season right around the corner. Am trying to talk him into building me a small greenhouse--he's currently not on my page :-(
Me? Busy week. Started new one day a week position this week. It was awesome! Am doing a family planning clinic thru county health departments. I really enjoyed it. The staff is great. Next week is in bigger clinic. Will be very busy! Think I can keep up fine tho. The experience is going to be fabulous! Hope to learn alot so that when kids are all grown I can travel the country teaching at conferences. I need to have some expert experience so I have something to teach tho! This job is in addition to the 3 day/week job i have already in clinic. That stays busy. We were blessed this week with new office furniture. That has been great! Today feverishly tried to put things away in 3 minute increments between clients. Mess is better, not gone. J is now wondering if this is what I am going to spend the rest of my spare time--was assured i would not!! Better scoot--Hope to find everyone else on a blog soon so we can keep in touch!! Hope everyone has a great weekend--we are looking forward to some rain this weekend-- not before I get my "running off"waterfall fixed tho! Be good! M


  1. Excellent! I'm so glad that you started this! If you go to my blog, you can click to 'follow' the blog and then it will show up on your dashboard. Play with your settings and layout to get more things to show up on the columns also. It's a great way to share pictures and such..this is cool! Call me if I can help at all! I'm still figuring it out as I go but definitely getting better.

  2. Hey! I did get you on here, so I guess I am good. Even got a picture. Thanks!

  3. Good looking family, love the little girl, what a face.