Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Is this pathetic that I am blogging on Valentine's day?? Oh well, we had a great day anyway! I always like to make a nice supper for all the guys--and the new girl to celebrate. J wanted lobster (like we know anything about lobster or fixing lobster, but I picked up 2 tails at Sams for him to try out) We also had a couple of steaks with them. The lobster turned out very well--he grilled it with a little butter, salt and lemon juice on them--yum, yum. G has very expensive tastes too and he loved it as well-T and D thought it was nasty. We had twice baked potatoes, little bundles of green beans wrapped in bacon, and salad inspired by Panera Bread Co. It had greens, diced pears, dried cherries, gorgonzola cheese, and raspberry vinagrette. And of course J had to have his usual chocolate truffle pie--and since I baked both pie crusts, my afterthought was to fix a peanut butter pie for myself. Many calories later, I am out of energy to do anything else but sit here!
Has been quite a week. Wednesday night we had our annual soup supper for church. I took off work early to help set up and serve. We had chili, chicken noodles, cheesy chicken, and beef vegetable soup and of course pie. I got off not having to fix pie this time, but had to make 1/2 roaster of chili. The supper went well and was fun as always. Did the family planning clinic again Thursday in the bigger clinic. They also have a delightful staff and the day went unbelievingly smooth for my first clinic there. The experience is going to be terrific! I am meeting a lot of very nice people and I really like it. I have been sick this week with the upper respiratory crud but finally feel better today. I have not had a voice since Wed, which is the most annoying thing, but it finally is coming back.
The kids all had their Valentine parties this week, which was fun for them. Little C likes candy she has decided, and she can sniff out a sucker from anywhere. The big boys have been practicing their horns this week for ensembles they are doing for county 4-H day on Monday. T has 6 kids in his group and G has 3. They have also been practicing their talks. T is doing a demonstration on the peanut banana muffins (in the cookbook) and G is doing a cool one on the top 10 countdown of why we should eat more fruits and veggies. They both seem alot more relaxed in front of people, so i am looking forward to watching them.
Am planning on getting some of my flower seeds and tomato and pepper seeds started this weekend. May set a moat of mousetraps around them to be sure. J crawled under the house a couple months ago and worked it over and we haven't had a critter since.
Speaking of critters, mom a couple of weeks ago I introduced the family to apple fritters like you used to make. Every one liked them. D's comment was, "hey mom can I have another one of those critters?" We laughed. Well better scoot. Hope everyone has a good week. M


  1. Oh, I want the recipe for apple fritters! Sounds delicious! I think my french onion soup turned out okay last night. Dan had 2 bowls of it anyway. Kids weren't so thrilled with dinner but I made it up to them with heart boxes of candy afterwards!

  2. will get ya the recipe! It was yum! by the way, how are aliens teeth since being attacked by the guitar string? HAHA! OH, kids--have a great one.