Thursday, August 14, 2014

Twenty Years. .It Seems Like Yesterday!

This summer found us celebrating another milestone. .
I guess life is a little like that. .
One milestone after the next!
For as long as I can remember. .
We have both wanted to visit the east coast together to eat. .
and sightseeing was optional!
So in honor of twenty lovely years together. .
We did just that!!
And found ourselves in Boston a few weeks ago!
We loved being near the ocean. .
And the seafood was INCREDIBLE!
Our first outing on arrival Thursday evening was a 5 minute walk to Legal Sea Foods to enjoy steamed lobsters. .
Antennae, eyes, and everything!
Friday we hopped the touring trolleys. .
And rode through the city listening to all the historical and cool facts of Boston. .
We had a great meal at the Barking Crab on the waterfront. .
And enjoyed more seafood of course!!
From the area, we could see the replica ship from the Boston Tea Party. .
After lunch, we hopped back on the trolley. .
and rode up to the farthest point on the historic Freedom Trail. .
The USS Constitution. .
Which was an amazing wood ship with a great story!
Then we wandered up the street to Bunker Hill Monument. .
It was a glorious sunshiny day. .
And we  I was so "high" on vacation excitement. .
That when I overheard the park guide tell some old guy that interested parties could WALK to the top of the monument. .
Some of us couldn't resist!
I left the OLD guy that I live with down below. .
And I huffed. .
And I puffed. .
my way up to the 294th step. .
And of course. .
Wasn't disappointed!
I didn't even feel the growling of my legs until the NEXT day!
I WISH I would have packed a pedometer. .
Because other than the taxi to the hotel. .
And the trolley through the city. .
And the train back to the airport. .
Everything we wanted to see. .
We used our four legs to get to!!
One of the things that intrigued me about Boston. .
were the graveyards!
The headstones were so skinny. .
And falling down. .
And they were SO. OLD!!
There is a lot of interesting history tied into those old burying grounds in Boston. .
If you need a good story, google it!
We also wandered around in the old north side. .
which included Little Italy. .
Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church. .
The church was of an odd format. .
No rows of pews here. .
But instead. .
All these little cubby boxes that have small benches around the little side walls!
Here is that very old steeple again. .
Right in the foreground is a statue of Paul Revere. .
But my lighting was never good enough to get them both correctly exposed in the same picture!
Rather than bore the soup out of you with ALL the details and photos. .
I'll post again in a few days with some more of our adventures. .
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Happy Anniversary, you two. Looks like you really got to see a lot.
    Glad you did the steps--the view is gorgeous.

  2. The church is just like the one my sister got married in in Washington DC. Such neat old history on the east coast!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a fun trip. So glad you walked up to look out of the monument. What a view! I would have had to chase my guy down as he's the rabbit and I'm the turtle. Slow and steady, but I always get there. It's so interesting to see an area that has places with that much history. Thanks for sharing. I think old cemeteries are very interesting and you got some great photos.