Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boston's Flora and Fauna. .

Congratulations. .
You made it to the end of my Boston camera roll!
Of course. .
Being a gardener at heart. .
The vegetation in the area ALWAYS gets my attention!!
And. .
Since many of ya'll readers ALSO like gardening stuff. .
I knew you would LOVE to see!
It TOTALLY fascinates me. .
That people plant gardens on the roofs and patios of their large apartment buildings!
Check it. .
These are TREES. .
Like real trees. .
Not little shrubby trees. .
But they look like some Bradford Pear trees to me. .
Along with maybe some crabapple trees. .
Around here. .
Those get WAY bigger than I would think would be possible on a roof!
Crazy, eh?
I know this is neither flora nor fauna. .
But I hadn't posted this photo yet. .
And it has an interesting story. .
Because the architecture is soooo old. .
That when a building gets to a certain point, they can no longer do any type of structural changes to it. .
SO, in the case of this fire department. .
They have to purchase fire trucks that will fit in the preexisting SMALL holes.
I took this photo out of the bus window on the way to Kennebunkport. I LOVED the tiny blue door with the flowers. Cozy and inviting!!
The Boston Common is kind of like the Central Park of New York City. .
It's like this little spot of solitude in the big, bustling city!!
These guys guard Frog Pond. .
A little wading pool in the summer that turns ice skating rink in the winter.
Boston Public Garden is the oldest garden in the United States. .
being established as you can see. .
in 1837.
There were a few floral displays like this one. .
But overall, it is mostly a huge patch of green grass and some nice trees.
There are Swan Boats at this little lake in the garden. .
And those are a big deal in the tourist arena. .
We didn't ride because it was earlier in the morning and wasn't open.
There are cool sculptures all throughout the city. .
And this one was a neat one in memory of the fallen.
Here's a photo of Arlington Church in the background. .
I think that one was my favorite. .
I loved the dark brown stone it was constructed out of !
Someone famous is buried in that big tomb in the center. .
For the life of me I can't remember who. .
But it was another example of the neat cemeteries, which you might notice. .
like the parks. .
are tucked into a little place in the middle of the city.
When you step inside the gates. .
The world seems to slow down just a little.
Boston is also proud (as they should be) about their green belt that runs through the center of the city. The Belt includes 12 miles (consecutive) of green grass, trees, sculptures and water features. The Belt stops where the street goes through, but starts again immediately on the other side of the street.
There were always lots of people utilizing them. .
Well. .
That is about it for our vacation.
It seems far away in the past now. .
And life creeps back in at an alarming pace.
But one slower paced day. .
We will enjoy looking back through the memories. .
Thanks for letting me share them with you!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!


  1. This was so cool. I am really intrigued with those rooftop gardens--I think it would be neat to see in person.
    Thanks for sharing these--I love checking out what cities do to make themselves more "livable".
    Have a great weekend, Melanie

  2. I am ready to go back when you are!

  3. It's nice to see people find ways to bring plants to the city. So surprising to see trees though.
    Love the old fire building and the details tucked here and there. Nice to see the gardens with places for people to enjoy some green. We take for granted our open spaces sometimes.
    Thanks for the tour!

  4. Our son lives in Boston and I really enjoy going to visit. I haven't had a chance to explore the gardens around the city, though. Maybe on the next trip.

    We participated in an Occupy Boston march starting from the Boston Commons on one of our visits a year or two ago. That was really fun.

    One of our son's friends is a tour guide on the Boston Freedom Trail. We've hired her twice to take us around and she does a fantastic job.

    I always look forward to heading back that way. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, too.