Monday, August 11, 2014

Lightening Fast. .

That's what our summer felt like. . 
Lightening Fast!! 
It was a good one!! 
But. .
It's time to start our new schedule. .
One that includes a bedtime. .
And some stability!! 
The oldest. .
Can't even BELIEVE. .
That it is the LAST first day of school he will endure around this place!
The look on his face this morning when he surfaced from his room was utter disbelief!! 
Devin will start his first day in junior high as a 6th grader today. .
Cami is no longer at the bottom of the food chain. .
She moves up to FIRST grade!!
Grant. .
His first day as an upperclassman. .a junior. 
This guy was happy for the first day of school too.
Although it means a loooonnnnngggg lonely day in his shop without his hired man to banter and bicker with!! 
The school calendar has been highlighted. .
Senior pictures have been scheduled. .
Mama has had a quiet coffee break and her first good workout in 2 weeks. .
Let's DO this thing!!
Happy Monday people!!


  1. Ahh, makes me sad when you put it as his last first day. Hope they have a great first day of school!


  2. I can't believe its time for school already!!! As sad as I get when its time to send them back...a bit more routine is nice.

  3. Oh, another summer that went too fast. I always love to see the pictures of your family--they are one great bunch.
    Happy Peace and Quiet. And best of luck to all the kids in the new school year!

  4. A lovely, and thought provoking post Melanie. Oh, how the clock keeps ticking, and we just heve to keep ticking with it eh?

  5. Cannot believe school is starting! That's a good looking bunch you're sending out the door. Here's to a great year.