Wednesday, January 29, 2014

James. .Week 4. .Fast Fact

Good morning! It’s our last fast fact. .
some have been fun and silly. .
and some quite thought provoking for all. .
All I have today. .
is a link to an article that I came across in my study. .
I know that some of you will appreciate the read. .
The article links together the scriptures used from the old testament that he quoted and referenced as he wrote the book of James. .
as well as the teachings from Jesus found in the New Testament. .
In this season of my growth. .
the detailed way the entire bible meshes together. .
just mesmerizes me!!
It’s also been incredible to be studying in depth, the book of Genesis right now. .
and find that the first book from Moses linked so intimately into the books that we have studies over the last 4 months!!
 Anyway. .for those of you that might be interested on a little deeper level. .
this article is for you!!
Enjoy it. .
On to the FINAL fast fact!!

I have a feeling that this fact might not be as fast. .

Read into it however you would like. .

but it is rather insightful into your inner person. . 

What is one thing you would like to be known for. .
There are a lot of things that I would LIKE to be known for. .
Some that I may achieve someday. .
and some that I likely never will!!
I think, though. .
that I would like to be known as an encourager and a leader for Christ. .
encouragement has never really been a strong suit of mine. .
but I see the Lord changing some aspects about me where that is concerned. .
I want to be known as someone that can (and will) use my weaknesses to encourage others. .
Funny thing. .
is that I remember ONE funeral of an elderly patient of mine who had a very strong faith. .
and I was pretty new to my own faith at that time. .
I just remember all the wonderful things that people remembered about her. .
that demonstrated her love for Jesus, and how Christ-like she was in her own life and attitude. .
For some reason. .that just stuck with me. .
and I always hoped that I would lead a life that would impact people as she did!!
(I know, I know. .you’re all thinking that ALL funerals end like that. .but this was WAY beyond any funeral I had attended before, or to this day really)

So there ya have it. .the last answer. .
to the last Fast Fact. .enjoy your week!!


  1. I would like to be known for showing compassion and kindness and understanding... of where you are and what it affecting you NOW...and also that I loved my kids and grandkids with ALL MY HEART....

  2. I want to be known as a woman who, tho fails often, finds victory in scripture alone. I want to Delight myself so much in the Lord, that I don't show. I want to known as a woman who loved her husband, children and grand babies unconditionally, completely forever and ever!

    Friendships are hard for me, I would love to be known as a good friend as well.

  3. It's so good for us to have goals to strive for!! Thanks for sharing!