Wednesday, January 15, 2014

James. .Week 2. .Fast Fact

Good morning. .
Here’s a quickie. .
Though you may need to stop and ponder the answer a little.
Enjoy your Wednesday!
How has this intensive study of God’s word over the last 4 months changed who you are. .
If you don’t think it has changed you, why not. .
It has changed the level of depth in my knowledge and understanding of who God is. .
and where I want Him to take our relationship to. .
I been able to allow Him to steer me through trials. .
and tasted His promise to protect me. .
I have been able to stand firm as the enemy tries to fluster and frustrate me. I have been able to give up more free time and spend it working on things that will benefit myself. .
as well as others. .
for an eternity, rather than just a while. .
and I haven’t really missed that old life. I have been able to assess where I have been. .
where I am now. .and where I think God is leading me.
 I’ve had some old knowledge and understanding affirmed. .
while learning so many new things at the same time. .
I wouldn’t trade the study from these last 4 months for anything!!

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