Wednesday, January 22, 2014

James. .Week 3. .Fast Fact

James certainly shares a LOT of things that Christians are supposed to be resembling!!
 I will really have to pray over the list that I made last night. .
to see what God has in mind to chisel within my heart to help me change. .
rather than to just hear and go on about my same ole life!
My friend shared a new study with me last month on the gospel of John. .
There are 9 CDs to teach about the first THREE chapters in that gospel. .
A good reminder to me while listening to the day I wrote this post related to RIGHT where we are in our week of seeing who we are supposed to become in our walk with the Lord. .
We mustn’t ever EVER forget. .
that as we make changes in our lives. .
that the standards we are striving to meet. .
are not our church leaders. .
 those standards are not set by our mentors. .
 they are not other Christians who look like they have it all together. .
they are not even the heros of the bible like we have seen in Rahab and Abraham. .

The gold standard goal for US in our Christian walk. .
is to look like JESUS CHRIST!!
Our goal. .is to walk like JESUS did. .
to serve others like JESUS. .
to love others like JESUS. .
to be bold in our faith like JESUS. .
to be ready to accept in a humble manner suffering like JESUS.
We certainly should imitate the heros like Paul told us to do in 1 Corinthians 11:1. .
as he wrote Imitate me, as I imitate Christ!!
but our goal is always Christ!
Also in accordance with the book of James. .
we must never EVER be satisfied with who we are. .
meaning, we must never get so complacent in our walk. .
that we look at all the people we think we are more blessed than, better than, more spiritual than, and be arrogantly satisfied. .
that we are good enough!
Remember. .
that as we go through the week looking for what our responsibilities are as a follower of Christ. .
that it is ALSO sin. .
to know what we are to do. .
and then not do it (4:17)

I urge you. . to really pray over your study this week. .
that you might see where God wants to make changes to your life. .
and then ask His divine intervention to make those changes in your inner being!!
And be prepared to DO as the word says. .
and not just be a FORGETFUL HEARER (1:25)!!
In this last month, I have read a book by Max Lucado called "Just like Jesus."
He reminds his readers many times. .
That God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way!!
We DON'T want to be the same people at the end of December. .
as we are at the beginning of January!!

On to the fast fact. .
What is one thing off your “bucket list” of things to do someday. .
   I don’t have a “bucket list” that is all written out specifically. .
but there are a lot of things on it in my mind that I would like to do someday. .
I talk often of my proverbial bucket list. .
and sometimes check things off of it. .
that I never would have thought to even put ON it!! (like sharing a bloody mary with my hubby in an airport at 8:30 in the morning!!
Or launching myself off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas!!
They just seemed like noteworthy things to do ;-)
Some other things that I have had ON my bucket list purposely. .
and have gotten to check those off. .l
ike eating in Bobby Flay’s restaurant. .
and seeing several Broadway musicals live. .
I think that bucket list’s are important. .
to make a few goals. .
and then know when we have achieved those things!
 A couple things on my list that I still have yet to accomplish are. .
taking a vacation someday that requires a passport!! I LOVE to travel and see things and experience things and live different cultures!! I’d LOVE to cross an ocean and see the other side of the world!

Another thing (that will likely happen before THAT list item) is that I would love to do a medical mission trip anywhere. .
I am working on my Spanish, albeit slowly. .
and so the likely place would include some Spanish speaking country!!
As soon as I get at least two children to move out of my house. .
I think I can start considering the opportunity seriously!!
I trust God to work out those details!!
Can’t wait to hear what YOU have on your list!!

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  1. my bucket list….
    going all over New England by train, car, buggy whatever. Going to see where Anne of Green Gables lived. But ONLY if it's not during bug season…
    Eating fresh lobster on the coast with a huge bib cuz I plan on getting messy!
    Take a cooking class on eating healthy but yummy, learn all about fancy herbs and how to really use them..
    Run a marathon with my girls and hubby.. (okay maybe just a 10K)
    Go skiing again and taking ALL my family..
    Rent/buy a cabin in the mountains… and take ALL my family

    I better get busy!